Randy Alcorn

The Bottom Line on Illegal Immigration is Red

The Bottom Line on Illegal Imigration is Red
By Randy Alcorn

Among the many controversies involved with the issue of illegal immigration is the debate over whether it is an economic benefit or drain on public finances. The specific question is; do illegal immigrants provide more tax revenues to public treasuries than they receive from them? As with all illegal activities, the covert nature of illegal immigration makes it impossible to measure its impact with absolute accuracy.

Doing Exponential Math at a Funeral

Doing Exponential Math at a Funeral
By Randy Alcorn

Recently, I attended the funeral of a dear friend’s father. The Catholic church where the service was held was filled to capacity, standing room only. I was nearly late after struggling through the usual thick traffic and having to park blocks away from the church.

The Institutionalization of Illegal Immigration

By Randy Alcorn

In a recent editorial, the Los Angles Times characterized people opposed to New York governor, Eliot Spitzer’s proposal to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens as cruel people more interested in punishing illegal aliens than in improving public safety. The Times concluded that these people lack common sense.

While such derogation may vent the frustrations of those delivering it, it is a tedious distraction that only interferes with resolving what has become one of the most serious issues confronting America today.  

A Big State with Big Needs, Needs to Curb Immigration

By Randy Alcorn
February 2007

Beginning his second term as California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has proposed that the state incur another $43 billion in bond debt to build more prisons, schools, and dams. This proposed debt would be added to the nearly $43 billion for various state infrastructure and education projects that voters approved in the November 2006 general election.  Since the debt service on such borrowing is typically as great as the principal being borrowed, the cost of all this public debt could total $172 billion.

The High Price of English 101

By Randy Alcorn, Senior Writing Fellow

A recently released report by the State of California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LOA) reveals the high cost and dubious effectiveness of the State’s efforts to educate massive numbers of non-English speaking students. The report, presented to the California State Assembly’s Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance, exposes some stark facts about the effect of massive foreign immigration on the State’s education system.


By Randy Alcorn

In America, the issue of foreign immigration has more angles than a geometry class. The various arguments, analysis, and philosophies regarding this issue can be contradictory and confusing. And, when emotions are involved, the discussion can often devolve into the absurd. Too often, common sense, and even honesty, is forfeit when those making arguments do so from a particular position of self-interest.

The broad categories in the protracted discussion on immigration are economics, ethics, and law.


By Randy Alcorn 

Ours is the Information Age in which great nations remain great by having technological superiority. In this age there is a premium on knowledge creatively applied and on critical thinking that delivers ingenuity. Brute military strength and an abundance of natural resources can no longer guarantee national vigor. If they did the Soviet Union might still be around.

Immigration Reform Requires Adult Thinking

By Randy Alcorn
July 2007

If, as Winston Churchill remarked, the young think with their hearts while older adults think with their brains, one wonders when some of our elected politicians will ever grow up. The debate and ultimate defeat of a proposed voluminous immigration reform bill in the U.S. Senate clearly exposed the emotional, illogical thinking that afflicts many of the nation’s elected representatives and appointed bureaucrats.