Randy Alcorn

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

By Randy Alcorn
July 2007

Santa Barbara, California is considered by many people to be one of the half dozen best places on earth in which to live. Lending support to this lofty claim is that thousands of people who have the means to live anywhere in the world choose to live in Santa Barbara. Yet, despite its affluence, sophistication, and beauty, Santa Barbara has not escaped a deadly gang problem that has recently erupted in bloody violence in broad daylight on the city’s main downtown intersection.

Immigration Myopia in the Land of the Free

By Randy Alcorn
August 2007

In the Los Angeles Times lead editorial published 8/11/07, the Bush administration is castigated for measures it has taken to actually enforce the nation’s immigration laws. The Time’s editorial echoes the myopic economic arguments typically made by those special interests that benefit from the continuing invasion of illegal immigrants, and warns that serious enforcement of immigration laws may “prove disastrous for workers, employers and swaths of the economy.”

Green Illusions

By Randy Alcorn
November 2007

The Sanctuary Movement’s Misguided Compassion

By Randy Alcorn
October 2007

Historically, churches in America have been prominent participants in various social movements including those abolishing slavery and extending civil rights to all citizens. Their active participation in these movements not infrequently involved civil disobedience whereby laws were intentionally broken to achieve what they, and many Americans, considered to be necessary and beneficial societal changes.