Rick Oltman

Another Delay - But, No Surprise

By Rick Oltman
June 4, 2009

One year, four delays. Is there another Presidential Executive Order that has been delayed, ever? I don't know of one.

On June 6th 2009, it will be one year since President Bush signed Executive Order 12989 making it mandatory for the federal government and its contractors to use E-Verify to ensure that they are employing only American Workers (American citizens or legal immigrants with work visas). E-Verify is 99.5% accurate and answers most inquiries about legal status in seconds.

Plantation of Angels

In Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s recent letter to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff about ICE’s minimal workplace enforcement he expresses grave concern, “Together with the region’s business leadership…”

Talk vs. Action

Talk vs. Action
By Rick Oltman

Immigration Anarchy

By Rick Oltman, CAPS Director of Public Relations

The Cost of Sanctuary Cities

By Rick Oltman, Senior Writing Fellow

With many American cities now declaring themselves so-called sanctuaries for illegal aliens it is time to examine this phenomenon and highlight its costs and predict where it will eventually lead.