Tim Aaronson

Rebels With A Cause

PBS  will be offering viewers a special treat during April for Earth Day: a special showing of Rebels With A Cause. This beautifully filmed and emotionally powerful documentary follows the trials, tribulations and ultimate triumphs of the environmental heroes who thwarted private development and secured vast stretches of California coastline for public use.

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

By Tim Aaronson
March 4, 2013

Spring in California is a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of our state and reflect upon its rich flora. Whether hiking in a park or visiting a native garden such as encountered on the San Francisco Bay Area “Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour” www.bringingbackthenatives.net we can take great pride in our state’s natural endowment. It is also a time to consider what is happening to California. Turning to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife we read... http://www.dfg.ca.gov/habcon/plant/