CAPS ad asks, Does Sen. Rubio need eyeglasses to read his own amnesty bill?

TAMPA, FL -- June 13, 2013 -- An ad running Sunday, June 16 in Tampa asks if Sen. Rubio needs eyeglasses as he apparently has not read his own immigration bill. The ad shows Sen. Rubio with reading glasses drawn on his face, and asks readers to send him any extra eyeglasses to help clear things up.

Asks Jo Wideman, executive director of Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), that is sponsoring the ad, "There are a lot of questions and not many answers. Does Sen. Rubio really understand the bill? Does he need eyeglasses to make it clear? Is this just a Freshman error?"

There is also another question: Is Sen. Rubio’s staff misleading him? Sen. Rubio’s Chief of Staff, Cesar Conda, was also head of Legislative Affairs for Sen. Spencer Abraham, who pushed for the more H1-b visas in the ‘80s. Then Sen. Abraham lost his senate seat.

Senator Rubio promised border security before amnesty, the ad continues. Says Wideman, "But his bill says amnesty first, then border security maybe. We need to get the border issue cleared up before we even begin to talk about amnesty."

The ad is part of a campaign to educate Americans about immigration and related legislation. The campaign was launched June 11 with ads on Facebook and in Roll Call in Washington, DC. The campaign launch was timed to coincide with CAPS’ delivery of fliers and reading glasses to senate offices in Washington.


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