CAPS TV Ad Urges Senator Rubio To Stop Pushing Plan To Increase Entitlement Immigration, Reward Illegal Aliens With Amnesty

Despite High Florida Unemployment And A Projected Cost Of Trillions To Taxpayers, Senator Rubio Continues Pushing Gang of Eight Plan       

MIAMI, FL -- April 2, 2013 -- Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has created a new TV commercial urging Florida Senator Marco Rubio to stop pushing his plan to increase the flows of foreign job seekers into the U.S. and award amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  The TV ad is set to launch in markets across Florida, pending Senator's Rubio's response to a CAPS invitation to meet and discuss the plan's implications for U.S. taxpayers, the national debt and jobless Floridians.  

Senator Rubio has been leading calls in the U.S. Senate to dramatically increase flows of foreign job seekers to the U.S. and provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.  He is pushing the Senate's Gang of Eight plan despite hundreds of thousands in Florida unemployed or underemployed, and despite projections that the plan would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars by allowing millions more foreign job seekers access to U.S. welfare, social security and other entitlement benefits. 

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation projected a similar 2007 plan would cost American taxpayers $2.5 trillion above any taxes paid into the system.   Rector recently commented that the latest Gang of Eight plan would cost even more. Much of the cost can be attributed to immigrant households' high use of entitlement benefits.  According to a 2011 Center for Immigration Studies research paper, 57% of all immigrant households with children use a taxpayer-funded welfare program. 

"Senator Rubio's plan will increase the number of low-skilled foreign job seekers allowed into the U.S. by millions, giving away jobs that should go to unemployed Americans and adding trillions of dollars to our national debt," commented Jo Wideman, Executive Director of CAPS.  "That's not a fiscal conservative's plan.  That's simply a plan to satisfy big corporate donors who want more cheap labor.  If Marco Rubio really wants to lead, he should develop a plan that puts American workers and American taxpayers first." 

If Senator Rubio's plan became law, it would have implications far beyond Florida, including in places like California where more foreign job seekers settle than nearly any other state. 

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