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Jobs Report Encouraging, but Trump Inaction on Employment-Based Visas Worrisome

Joe Guzzardi
March 16, 2017

Wall Street hailed the February Bureau of Labor Statistics report which reflected a 235,000 job gain as a major Trump administration triumph. The payroll survey of corporations tallied those 235,000 new positions, but the alternate household survey is even more impressive, a resounding 447,000 jobs gain.

Defying Trump: Dozens of Jurisdictions Adopt ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

Brendan Kirby
March 15, 2017

At least 40 localities have implemented anti-enforcement policies since White House immigration order

The election of immigration hard-liner President Donald Trump appears to have generated an increase in “sanctuary” jurisdictions — at least temporarily.

Khizr Khan Claims his ‘Travel Privileges are being Reviewed.'

Michael Cutler
March 13, 2017
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Family Security Matters

Khizr Khan first rose to national prominence when he verbally attacked Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention stating that Trump had sacrificed nothing and questioned whether Trump had ever read the Constitution.  We will discuss the Constitution at the conclusion of my commentary.

California, Mexico Double Team Trump to Thwart President’s Immigration Goals

Joe Guzzardi
March 13, 2017
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California and Mexico, acting separately but with similar goals, are on a fast track to subvert President Trump’s commitment to federal immigration law enforcement.

California Lawmakers Want to Provide Attorneys to Immigrants Facing Deportation. But Who Gets the Help?

Jazmine Ulloa
March 2, 2017
Los Angeles Times

Flustered and out of money, Maria paced through the empty aisles of a Marshalls department store in Orange County three days before her son’s eighth-grade graduation. She picked out a pair of black dress shoes for him and a crisp, gray long-sleeved shirt.

Then, she clumsily stuffed them in her large purse and attempted to walk out.

Immigration Foes Have Roots In Population Control, Report

Lynette Holloway
March 1, 2017
News One

While eliciting boos from Democrats, Trump's immigration orders likely elicited cheers from some deep-pocketed foes.

Everything Trump says seems possible

Joe Guzzardi
February 27, 2017
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Tulsa World 
Arizona Republic

President Donald Trump is the world’s most famous man. That’s the conclusion that astronomer and science humorist Eric Schulman made according to a metric he developed using AltaVista to find webpage mentions for high-visibility individuals.