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Trump Needs Help from Congress — and to Help Himself

Joe Guzzardi
June 14, 2017
As seen in:
The Westerly Sun

President Trump needs a little help from his friends in Congress, or at least the Republicans who should be his allies. And while the president is waiting for wavering Republicans to give him a hand, he could help himself out by picking off some of the low-hanging fruit that would convert his immigration campaign promises into realities.

Illegal Border Crossings Spiked 27 Percent in May

Brendan Kirby
June 10, 2017

New stats show apprehensions by U.S. CBP increased for the first time since Trump took office in January

Twitter Censors Grieving Father’s Attack on Sanctuary Cities

Mike Catherwood
June 6, 2017
KABC News 790AM Los Angeles

Twitter Censors Grieving Father’s Attack on Sanctuary Cities

The grieving father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant is accusing Twitter of censorship after his post attacking sanctuary cities was pulled.

Watch: The Ad On Illegal Immigration That Twitter Pulled

Eric Sheiner
June 7, 2017

Over the weekend, Twitter stopped grieving dad, Don Rosenberg, from promoting his tweets telling the story of his son Drew, killed by Roberto Gals, who entered the country illegally.

En California Difunden Campana Contra Cuidades Santuario (In California They Spread Campaign Against Sanctuary Cities)

June 6, 2017 International

Una campaña publicitaria en televisión contra las ciudades santuario y en donde destacan las muertes de estadunidenses causadas por indocumentados, fue lanzada en esta área por un grupo antimigrante.

New Ad Campaign Asks Trump to Withhold Funds to Sanctuary Cities

Sandy Wells
June 4, 2017
KABC News 790AM Los Angeles

New Ad Campaign Asks Trump to Withhold Funds to Sanctuary Cities

A new ad campaign has been launched in California, asking President Trump to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities.

As Sanctuary City Defunding Deadline Nears, California’s Criticism against Trump Ratchets Up

Joe Guzzardi
June 2, 12017
Eureka Times Standard

California’s Senate President Kevin de Leon is playing a dangerous game of chicken with President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the state’s criminal aliens’ sanctuary status.