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Bullard High valedictorian to be deported

By Vanessa Colón / The Fresno Bee
June 1, 2008

Arthur Mkoyan's 4.0 grade-point average has made him a valedictorian at Bullard High School in Fresno and qualified him to enter one of the state's top universities.

But while his classmates look forward to dorm food and college courses this fall, Arthur Mkoyan may not make it.

He is being deported.

Selective enforcement is anti-American

By Rick Oltman
Marin Independent Journal
June 4, 2008

THE RECENT ARRESTS of illegal aliens in San Rafael has produced the familiar chorus of hyperbolic denunciations from the usual suspects, all of them benefiting one way or another from illegal aliens living in our community.

Population Awareness Month

Contra Costa Times
Letter to the Editor
May 16, 2008

In L.A., coping with the threat of deportation

Advocates are urging illegal immigrants to make plans for issues such as bail, lawyers and child caretakers.

By Paloma Esquivel
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

May 27, 2008

Patricia Riso, a mother of two, has been in the United States illegally for more than 30 years. And although she has seen immigration authorities arrest co-workers at the factory where she sews garments, she has never been targeted and never dwelt on the possibility of deportation.

Federal agents arrest illegal immigrants leaving U.S.

At random times in San Diego near the border, vehicles are searched. Most detainees without criminal records or numerous immigration violations are released in a few hours, officials say.

By Richard Marosi
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

May 7, 2008

SAN DIEGO — U.S. border authorities no longer apprehend illegal immigrants only as they enter the country. Now they're catching them on the way out.

May Day march smaller, but festive

About 8,500 peaceful protesters converge on L.A. City Hall, urging an end to work-site immigration raids.
By Teresa Watanabe, Anna Gorman and Ari B. Bloomekatz
Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

May 2, 2008

Thousands of workers waved American flags, marched to mariachi music and rallied for labor and immigrant rights in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, as May Day gatherings drew light but peaceful crowds.

Illegal immigration and the law


May 1st, 2008

The Pope’s heart may be in the right place but his comments about illegal immigration on his recent trip to the United States were off base.

Immigrants strain our resources

Our future depends on advocating sustainable population growth, however politically incorrect.
By Mark Cromer
Los Angeles Times
May 1, 2008

As the crisis of dwindling long-term water supplies hangs over the American Southwest like vultures circling for dinner, everyone from academics to journalists is starting to pay attention.

Population growth and immigration

Re: “An ugly way to rough up the pope”
Opinion, April 23, Los Angeles Times

Columnist Tim Rutten is right that the immigration debate sometimes turns ugly, but he ignores his own culpability as he attacks opposing commentators who want to enforce immigration laws. Why not address real issues, such as immigration’s overwhelming contribution to California’s population growth?

News articles frequently cover problems caused by overpopulation, yet The Times refuses to recognize the word is politically correct.

Thanks to feds, search for internships tougher

By Rob Sanchez
East Valley Tribune

It's that time of year when college students are on the hunt for those all important internships and jobs. Thanks to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, their job search just got a whole lot tougher.