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Calamitous Omnibus Budget Rejects Americans’ Plea to Slow Refugee Resettlement

Joe Guzzardi
May 14, 2017

Reviewing the rubble the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill left in its wake, one item stands out as particularly egregious: the commitment to continue funding refugee resettlement.

Trump's Base To President: 'It's Getting Late Early'

Joe Guzzardi
May 11, 2017
As seen in:
The Greenville Sun
The Jackson Sun

The 2017 $1.1 trillion Omnibus budget deal left President Donald Trump’s supporters empty-handed and wondering when the winning will start. From all appearances, villainous Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and not the White House, calls the shots.

Immigrant Fieldworkers: In or Out?

Kelsey Brugger
May 11, 2017
Santa Barbara Independent

Trump’s Executive Order on Agriculture Could Open Door for Worker Program 

Farmers in the Santa Maria Valley are breathing a sigh of relief since President Donald Trump ordered Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue two weeks ago to ensure the industry has “access to a reliable workforce.” The faint reference to immigration in his executive order on promoting and regulating agriculture constitutes a sharp departure from Trump’s campaign promise of mass deportations.

On May Day, Sanctuary Restaurants Close; Americans Yawn

Joe Guzzardi
May 10, 2017
Jackson Sun
USA Today

Every May Day, just as surely as the sun sets in the west, protestors – anarchists, really – take to the streets. Under the guise of defending workers, they rail against what they perceive as unjust immigration laws.

Open borders means more gang violence

Joe Guzzardi
May 3, 2017
Red Bluff Daily News
Herald Standard
Jackson Sun


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been busy fulfilling his office’s commitment to removing criminal aliens. First in Nogales, Ariz., and then later in Long Island, Sessions reiterated what he’s said since his confirmation: individuals in the United States unlawfully are subject to deportation, no ifs, ands or buts about it.,

California Chokes on Latest Air Quality Rankings

Leon Kolankiewicz
May 2, 2017

America’s most populous state, California, has the most polluted air in the country.

Breeders race for more cheap labor

Joe Guzzardi
May 2, 2017
USA Today

In their oft told fairy tale, horse breeders and trainers constantly fear that get-tough immigration policies will leave them without enough laborers to get their steeds prepared for the big races like the upcoming Kentucky Derby

Grief Fuels Father’s Fight to End Illegal Immigration

Brenda Gazzar
April 30, 2017
The Mercury News

WESTLAKE VILLAGE – Don Rosenberg is a lifelong liberal who may have only one thing in common politically with President Donald Trump: his battle against illegal immigration.

Immigration Hawks Grade Trump’s First 100 Days

Brendan Kirby
April 28, 2017
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From stepped-up enforcement to broken DACA promise, president gets mixed report card

Bay Area activists prepare to march in historic May Day rallies

Tatiana Sanchez
April 30, 2017
Marin Independent Journal

For the first time since 2010 when Maria Guadalupe Betancourt opened her Mendoza’s Restaurant on San Jose’s McKee Road, she will close its doors for a day on May 1.

On Monday, the Mexican immigrant and her staff of 40 — wearing customized white T-shirts printed with phrases such as “Black Lives Matter” and “No human is illegal” — will join hundreds of thousands of people nationwide in massive May Day demonstrations denouncing the Trump administration’s stringent immigration policies.