Opinion Releases

Immigration Anarchy

By Rick Oltman, CAPS Director of Public Relations

A Casual Betrayal

A small business owner discovers doing the right thing can have a steep price

By Mark Cromer, Senior Writing Fellow

Kirsten Stewart is not the kind of American that President Bush and the Democratic congressional leadership is likely to bring up as they renew their push for so-called comprehensive immigration reform. 

Word Games at the Border

As Bush paints a big picture on immigration 'reform,' it is clear that Karl Rove is a genius at political Scrabble

By Mark Cromer, Senior Writing Fellow

As President Bush on Monday again stood along a dusty stretch of America’s southern border to once more push for a legislative package of comprehensive immigration “reform” measures, just how transparently thin his commitment is to enforcing the nation’s immigration laws was abundantly clear.

They Don’t Believe in Borders, Do They?

By Mark Cromer, Senior Writing Fellow

If President Bush has anything in common with Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist on the issue of illegal immigration, it is that both men—on paper at any rate—favor increased border security and enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

The consensus that the border has to be effectively secured seems to be a mile wide these days, as the push for ‘comprehensive reform’ of the nation’s immigration laws and policies gets underway yet again.

Tata International Suffers Setback in U.S. Court

By Rob Sanchez, Senior Writing Fellow

A lawsuit in the U.S. District court of California reveals a glimpse of indentured servitude in India, and how their discriminatory culture of worker exploitation is being imported into our own country.

The High Price of English 101

By Randy Alcorn, Senior Writing Fellow

A recently released report by the State of California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LOA) reveals the high cost and dubious effectiveness of the State’s efforts to educate massive numbers of non-English speaking students. The report, presented to the California State Assembly’s Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance, exposes some stark facts about the effect of massive foreign immigration on the State’s education system.

The Perfect Storm Sinking California’s Future

May Day heralds the grim reality facing the Golden State

By Mark Cromer, Senior Writing Fellow

In Los Angeles, the May Day marches demanding amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in America produced one story with a shelf-life longer than a cable news cycle: LAPD putting protestors and reporters on the business-end of their nightsticks.

The Cost of Sanctuary Cities

By Rick Oltman, Senior Writing Fellow

With many American cities now declaring themselves so-called sanctuaries for illegal aliens it is time to examine this phenomenon and highlight its costs and predict where it will eventually lead.

America Just Said No

Vox populi prevails on immigration

By Mark Cromer
June 2007

If you listened carefully in the moments after the immigration bill was killed for a second time, a bitter gnashing and rending could be heard from the Senate floor all the way to the editorial boardrooms at the great metropolitan newspapers across the nation.