Opinion Releases

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

The writers’ strike reveals Left Coast outrage hinges on whose job is at stake

By Mark Cromer
November 2007

What’s the difference between an illegal immigrant on a job and a “scab” that crosses the picket line? After all, aren’t both merely seeking work where they can find it? Aren’t both willing to toil at a lower wage in an effort to feed their families?

Rebuilding California, Legally

Citizens shouldn't get burned for contractors' profits

By Mark Cromer
November 2007

The wildfires that ravaged California last month were still blazing when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other state officials began to speak about the massive reconstruction effort that’s expected to follow the Biblical-sized blazes that scorched more than 700-square miles of the Golden State.

The governor was right in casting an eye to the future.

The Sanctuary Movement’s Misguided Compassion

By Randy Alcorn
October 2007

Historically, churches in America have been prominent participants in various social movements including those abolishing slavery and extending civil rights to all citizens. Their active participation in these movements not infrequently involved civil disobedience whereby laws were intentionally broken to achieve what they, and many Americans, considered to be necessary and beneficial societal changes.

The Ghost of Immigration Reform

Rumors of amnesty’s death have been greatly exaggerated

By Mark Cromer
September 2007

Was it really just three months ago that the powerful bi-partisan architects of the Senate’s so-called ‘Grand Compromise’ on immigration reform watched as their sweeping legislation imploded in that august chamber?

The Myth of 13-Foot Ladders

Why does American exceptionalism stop at the border?

By Mark Cromer
October 2007

In a year brimming with pre-election clichés, it has emerged as a popular-truism that is ripe and ready to be used in virtually any discussion about illegal immigration that turns to the issue of enforcement and border security.

“What happens when you build a 12-foot wall on the border?” the question goes. “13-foot ladders.”