Opinion Releases

Ivanka, Jared Luring Donald into Immigration Swamp

By Joe Guzzardi
August 23, 2017

​When, right out of the starting block, President Donald Trump reneged on a key campaign vow, he inadvertently laid the foundation for a swamp of his own making just months later. On the campaign trail, President Trump repeatedly promised to end “on day one” deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA).

Wildlife Loses a Protector in Wayne Lotter of the PAMS Foundation

By Maria Fotopoulos
August 21, 2017

Wildlife and the conservation community suffered a tremendous loss last week when Wayne Lotter was murdered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. A well-known conservationist committed to ending elephant and giraffe poaching, Lotter was co-founder of the PAMS Foundation, which works for sustainable conservation solutions with local partners and communities.

Sen. Flake Boasts Family Ranch Hired Illegal Labor

By Joe Guzzardi
August 21, 2017

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake ranks as a top RINO, a Republican in Name Only. On immigration, which many think defines whether a legislator is conservative or liberal, Flake has consistently aligned himself with the most adamant, pro-amnesty Democrats.

Great News for American Workers! Trump Disbands Globalist Manufacturing Jobs Initiative

By Joe Guzzardi
August 19, 2017

​President Trump wisely disbanded his Manufacturing Jobs Initiative (MJI), a sham that pretended to be concerned about American workers’ plights but in reality served as a corporate networking tool. Initiatives, blue ribbon panels and task forces make for good press, but are rarely productive.

Gaining Traction: Bad ENLIST Act, Illegal Immigrants Enter Military Service, Get Amnesty

By Joe Guzzardi
August 16, 2017

Bad immigration legislation is like a broken record. A pro-amnesty congressional member introduces a bill, then it’s voted down. The next year, essentially the same bill is reintroduced, but defeated again. The year after that, the legislation is re-re-introduced, and once again, goes down.

Ag Industry’s Last Gasp to Promote Cheap, Stoop Labor

By Joe Guzzardi
August 14, 2017

The agriculture industry’s decades-old myth which it has so fervently promoted is that without cheap stoop labor, crops will “rot in the field.” Since the failed bracero program ended more than 50 years ago, the ag lobby has insisted that their salvation lay in temporary guest worker legislation that would import an unending stream of field hands. Ten years ago, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who knows better, said during her push for guest worker legislation that the state faced “an emergency” if illegal immigrants couldn’t be found “to prune, to plant, to pick, to pack.” But the fable may finally have run its course.

Can You Pass an Immigration Quiz?

By Joe Guzzardi
August 12, 2017

When the subject is immigration, everyone has an opinion. Illegal immigration is, in most eyes, bad because it violates U.S. law, threatens sovereignty, and displaces American workers. Others think illegal immigration is good because they believe that the people coming are looking for a better life and willing to do jobs Americans won’t.

Defiant Chicago Sanctuary Mayor Sues DOJ, Insists Cutting Federal Funds ‘Unconstitutional’

By Joe Guzzardi
August 9, 2017

In sanctuary city Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s defense of his indefensible refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities has reached the once, but no longer, unimaginable – legal action.

Immigration Bill Sends Establishment Media Bonkers

By Joe Guzzardi
August 7, 2017

A bill that would cut legal immigration by about half, and make other reductions, sent the mainstream media into a tailspin. During its downward spiral, reporters showed little understanding of current immigration policy, but demonstrated an unprofessional level of bias.

RAISE Act: Reduced Immigration Means More American Jobs, Higher Wages

By Joe Guzzardi
August 3, 2017

More than half a century after the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, and 30 years after the Immigration Reform and Control Act, U.S. Senators Tom Cotton (R- AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) introduced a sensible merit-based bill that will help all Americans.