Opinion Releases

Tech Titans Lean on Trump to Displace American Workers

By Joe Guzzardi
June 21, 2017

Based on outtakes from his recent White House meeting with Silicon Valley billionaires and multimillionaires, President Trump is skating on thin ice with his supporters. Trump, the candidate, campaigned on creating jobs for Americans. Instead, as president, he’s cozying up to liberal tech titans, likely Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders voters, who hope to displace American technology workers with foreign-born H-1B visa holders.

Trump Troubled on Immigration, Goes Forward and Backward on Obama’s Amnesties

By Joe Guzzardi
June 19, 2017
Even though getting tough on immigration was candidate Donald Trump’s signature issue, and more than any other policy position put him in the White House, he’s still struggling to keep his promises.

ICE Holds the Line in NY Deportation Case; Frenzy among Immigration Advocates

By Joe Guzzardi
June 16, 2017
The deportation case of 19-year-old Ecuadoran Diego Ismael Puma Macancela, an Ossining High School (New York) student, and his mother has sparked a national outcry within the immigrant advocacy network.

Pilloried Sessions Vows to Keep Protecting America

By Joe Guzzardi
June 14, 2017

Because my job as a journalist required it, I spent Tuesday afternoon watching Attorney General Jeff Sessions, aka Comrade Sessions, testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – a beautiful June day wasted seeing partisan politics up close and ugly.

Trump Needs Help from Congress – and to Help Himself

By Joe Guzzardi
June 12, 2017
President Trump needs a little help from his friends in Congress, or at least the Republicans who should be his allies. And while the president is waiting for wavering Republicans to give him a hand, he could help himself out by picking off some of the low-hanging fruit that would convert his immigration campaign promises into realities.

On Father’s Day, Grieving Dads Wonder Why Sanctuary Cities Protected Their Children’s Killers

By Joe Guzzardi
June 9, 2017
For thousands of dads, Father’s Day is a sad reminder of the children they’ve lost because, for decades, the federal government has refused to secure the border or enforce immigration laws. As a result, innocent lives have been forever lost, and grieving families are left to wonder why the government has been so consistently remiss for so long.

Outside the Beltway, No One Cares about Russia

By Joe Guzzardi
June 7, 2017

With the media devoting nonstop attention to alleged Russian hacking into the presidential election, President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, and speculation about what former FBI director James Comey’s testimony might yield, zero attention has been given to developments in the White House that could help American workers.

Trump Heads to Supreme Court, Promises to Prevail on Refugee Pause

By Joe Guzzardi
June 5, 2017
The recent terrorist murders perpetrated in Manchester and London provide a tragic backdrop to the upcoming Supreme Court arguments over President Trump’s proposed refugee travel pause. President Trump has repeatedly said that a short-term ban on travel from six majority Muslim nations is essential so that better vetting procedures can be developed.

In the Cities and in the Suburbs, Population Booming

By Joe Guzzardi
June 2, 2017
The recently released U.S. Census Bureau data on 2016 population growth in cities and their outlying areas arrives at one inescapable conclusion: suburban communities which once offered relief from overcrowded urban areas are rapidly growing. And with that growth comes more urban sprawl. Larger swaths of wide open spaces will vanish as residential and commercial development plow under agricultural land and environmental habitats. Queens College demographer Andy Beveridge calls the phenomena “boomburbs.”

Trump’s Base Reeling from Refugee Sucker Punch

By Joe Guzzardi
May 31, 2017
In what amounts to a sucker punch to the millions of voters who made President Trump’s upset election win possible, his State Department announced that it would lift the weekly numerical restrictions on refugees.