Pro-Con: Should Churches Participate in the New Sanctuary Movement

By Randy Alcorn, The Kansas City Star

Historically, churches in America have been participants in various social movements including those abolishing slavery and extending civil rights to all citizens.

While few would disagree that some social movements were necessary to bring America closer to its founding credo of liberty and justice for all its citizens, the current New Sanctuary Movement is neither noble nor necessary.

Illegal aliens are neither innocent victims of American justice nor involuntary subjects of the difficult circumstances they might experience in this country. They are invaders who have chosen to trespass into this nation.

They have significantly drained the treasuries of state and local agencies; overwhelmed dozens of hospitals; increased crime; lowered working-class wage scales; and driven up the U.S. population growth rate to Third World levels.

Clearly, illegal aliens are as detrimental to this nation as are any criminals who cause real harm to the public.

Randy Alcorn is a senior writing fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization.