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Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Weighs Sanctuary Policies
A few weeks ago, CAPS alerted its Central Coast activists to a protest at the Santa Maria courthouse during the arraignment of two illegal alien criminals who allegedly raped and murdered 64 year-old Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis while she was sleeping in her home in Santa Maria.  The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 9:00 am to discuss sanctuary policies. 

What you can do:
1. Phone calls needed!  If you live in Santa Barbara County, you may receive an automated phone call that will give you talking points and connect you directly with a Board of Supervisor's office.  If you would like to call directly, please see numbers below.

1st District: Salud Carbajal, (805) 568-2186
2nd District: Janet Wolf, (805) 568-2191
3rd District: Doreen Farr, (805) 568-2192
4th District: Peter Adam, (805) 346-8407
5th District: Steve Lavagnino, (805) 346-8400

Here are a few talking points:
  • Urge the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to protect American citizens by stopping the sanctuary policies that led to the rape and murder of Marilyn Pharis, allegedly by illegal alien criminals. 
  • Police officers must be allowed to cooperate with immigration enforcement.
2. If you are in the area, attend the Tuesday, September 22 meeting in Santa Maria at 9:00 am:
  • Joseph Centeno Betteravia Government Administration Buildling
    Board of Supervisors Hearing Room
    511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria, CA
3. After your calls, please email the Board of Supervisors with your comments:
Salud Carbajal:
Janet Wolf:
Doreen Farr:
Peter Adam:
Steve Lavagnino:

4. Are sanctuary policies on your city's or county's upcoming meeting agendas?  If so, CAPS can help.  Please contact us at (805) 564-6626 or

CAPS' Activists on National Stage
Rally at GOP Presidential Debate

CAPS Activists joined hundreds of others demonstrators at the entrance to the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley before the Republican Presidential debate.  Media from around the world asked us about our banners calling for an end to birthright citizenship and for our opinions about candidates’ positions on immigration. Many of us proudly wore CAPS hats.  Thank you to those of you that were able to take part!

Thank you for standing strong with CAPS.


Jo Wideman
CAPS Executive Director


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