9/11 Commission

Globalists Fight Psychological War of Words against America

Borders are a nation’s first line of defense and last line of defense against the enemies of that nation. In fact, it could properly be said that the primary role of our military is to keep America’s enemies as far from our shores (and borders) as possible.

However, “up close and in person,” the issue of border security becomes the domain and responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security and its component agencies charged with border security and the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws from within the interior of the United States.

The Gathering Storm Clouds: FBI Director Comey Warns Terrorists Heading Our Way

One mission of our armed services is to work with our allies to locate, engage and eliminate terrorists overseas, while domestically our law enforcement agencies are tasked with protecting America and Americans within our borders.

Lessons Still Unlearned from Worst Attack on U.S. since Pearl Harbor

September 11, 2016, will mark the 15th anniversary of the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor. Since then, the threat of terrorism both in the U.S. and elsewhere has not diminished but has, in fact, increased.

Lessons that should have been learned by our political leaders, at all levels of government, have either not been learned or forgotten.

Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Goals Would Irrevocably Undermine National Security

Our nation’s immigration laws are completely blind as to race, religion and ethnicity, and were enacted to protect national security and the lives and livelihoods of Americans.

Immigration and Terrorism – It’s About More Than Vetting Refugees

Until recently, most of our leaders and journalists made the issue of security along the U.S.-Mexican border the focus of failures of the immigration system. They ignored the fact that it has been estimated that some 40 percent of the illegal aliens present in the United States were aliens who violated the terms of their admission by overstaying, working on jobs they were not legally authorized to do, failing to attend schools for which they were admitted to attend or committing serious crimes.

Bin Laden, The 9/11 Commission Report and Immigration

On May 2, 2011, a team of highly skilled and incredibly courageous U.S. Navy SEALS staged a raid on the Pakistani compound of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist behind the mass killings in the United States on September 11, 2001. He and others in the compound were killed, and a huge treasure-trove of documents was seized.

It has been widely reported that a review of these documents uncovered that bin Laden was intent on focusing his and Al Qaeda’s efforts virtually exclusively on launching additional mass casualty attacks inside the United States.

Immigration and the ‘Mushroom Treatment’

During my career with the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), my colleagues and I would refer to those instances when we knew that we were not being given critical information or were being provided with false or misleading information as being given the “mushroom treatment.” We used that term because the way to cultivate and grow mushrooms is to keep them in the dark and feed them a lot of manure.

The mushroom treatment is synonymous with propaganda.

Sounding the Retreat

The Republican “leaders” of the House of Representatives went off to conduct a retreat where they could, out of the glare of the media, conduct discussions about how to deal with the thorny immigration issue.

Immigration Tunnel Vision

Time and again, politicians who discuss immigration and the need for what they deem “reform” talk about the need to “first secure the border.”

Political Asylum Fraud: Where America's Compassion Becomes Vulnerability

America has a long and well-established reputation for providing safe haven for vulnerable people from around the world. This is the concept behind the political asylum program. It is a vital program that all Americans should be proud of.