California Bill Could Vacate Some Aliens Convictions

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez is promoting her AB 813, the Criminal Procedure: Post-Conviction Relief bill, which could vacate the convictions of certain illegal immigrants.

L. A. Mayor, Police Chief, City Attorney Agree: Okay to Release Criminal Aliens

While cheering throngs of immigration advocates looked on, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on July 7 that the city will no longer honor Immigration Customs and Enforcement holds on jailed aliens unless a judicial official issues a probable cause warrant.

ACLU: Stop the border enforcement talk on amnesty!

News flash for fact-sheltered Americans: The goal of the illegal alien lobby is open borders. And the American Civil Liberties Union offers positive proof.

The anti-enforcement lobby wants the American public to believe that if Congress repeated the one-time amnesty, as President Ronald Reagan promised it would be, the United States' illegal immigration problem would be solved forever.

Fundamentally unjust & economically short-sighted

The Judiciary Non-Civil Committee of Georgia's General Assembly heard SB458.  This bill seeks to make it illegal for illegal alien students to attend Georgia's public universities and technical schools.  The bill does not apply to private colleges.  During the committee hearing, there were representatives from both sides of the issue that spoke before the committee.

Four days of illegal immigration


On Monday, Americans woke up to a story entitled,

Deported to Disappeared

Ed Pilkington of The Guardian UK in his article, "Alabama parents prepare for the worst: Separation from their kids," (10/12/11) laments the separation of parents from their children due to Alabama's newly-enacted illegal immigration legislation.  He refers to the law as "draconian immigration law" while the National Law Immigration Center's Linton Joaquin calls it a "human rights issue."

Good News for American Workers; No Match Letters Return

Effective April 6, the Social Security Administration (SSA) resumed sending no-match letters to employers whose workers are using a Social Security number that does not match the SSA’s 2010 tax records. The practice had been discontinued in 2007 after debate about what the immigration compliance consequences might be for workers who presented social security numbers that had dubious validity.

Busy, Scary Week Ahead on Capitol Hill: Immigration on Center Stage

Immigration, always a hot button, takes center stage this week.