Giraffe Populations Plummet in Africa

Yet Another Iconic Animal Threatened by Human Overpopulation

Earth is the only place in an incomprehensibly vast and ancient cosmos known thus far to possess a biosphere that harbors complex, diverse living things. It took life some four billion years to evolve step by painstaking step from simple, single-celled, bacteria-like organisms lacking nuclei to the advanced creatures with backbones and brains that fly, swim, run and tunnel across Earth’s surface today.

Not only Elephants, Rhinos and Gorillas Face Extinction in Africa; Human Overpopulation is Devouring (Literally) Other Large Herbivores Too

Imagine a lonely, desolate world without magnificent creatures such as elephants, rhinos, gorillas, hippos, zebras and giraffes gracing the wild. One in which perhaps a few abject stragglers survive behind bars in zoos as objects of regret or ridicule for hordes of gawkers.

Human Population May Doom King of Beasts

Recently I read a figure I found quite shocking, given my memories from childhood. When I was a kid in the 1950s, I was totally fascinated by African wildlife, particularly the big cats, lions, leopards and black panthers. I constantly looked through magazines to find pictures of them to put in my wildlife scrapbook.

Ebola and Borders

In 1995, Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone” was published. The New York Times No. 1 Bestseller chronicles some of the lethal “hot viruses” that have emerged out of Africa, including Ebola which was first identified in 1976.