The Last Peach

Population Growth, Sprawl Threaten California’s Crops.

Visa Overstay + Anchor Baby Citizenship = More Unsustainable Population Growth

The huge 36 percent H-2A visa increase during the first three months of 2017 from the same period in 2016 has short- and long-term consequences not only on the labor market, but also on population growth.

Two Watermelon Stories: Panicked Pre-Harvest; Jubilant Post-Harvest

Here’s a good one for the “crops are rotting in the field” file. A favorite reporter theme that dates back at least 30 years defies the abundant evidence that the rotting crops claim is false and serves only to advance the agenda of immigration advocates. The storyline nevertheless continues year after year. Growers’ messages sent through the gullible press are always the same: unless thousands more low-skill, undereducated illegal immigrants are given guest worker visas which ideally will lead to amnesty for them and their families, then crops will be lost.

California Senators Feinstein and Harris Propose Ag Amnesty

California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, along with Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, Colorado’s Michael Bennet and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono, recently introduced the Agricultural Worker Program Act that would protect illegal alien farmworkers from deportation and, in a two-step process, eventually grant them citizenship.

Ag Pleads with Trump for More Cheap Labor, Claims the President Recognizes ‘the System is Broken’

Just as it does every spring, the agriculture industry descended on Washington, D.C. with its annual lament: We need more cheap labor! Unless we get it, produce prices will soar – assuming the crops don’t rot in the fields before they reach the supermarket!

Dust in the Wind: Audacious ‘Desert Wheat’ Scheme Wilts in Sands of Saudi Arabia

With depletion of fossil aquifer used for irrigation, cultivating wheat in Saudi Arabia’s desert proves just another pipe dream.

A 20-Year Personal Perspective on Immigration in California

My first involvement in the illegal and legal immigration battle began in 1993 when I served as Chairman of the Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council. We helped job seekers through a county department which operated under federal law related to workforce development.

AB 20 Could Give Legal Status to More Than 500,000 Alien Farmworkers

Californians who may think that the state’s immigration crisis is as bad as it can get should hold on to their hats. The extensive alien entitlement list which includes the Trust Act that exempts most illegal aliens from deportation, AB 60 that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and SB 4 which allows illegal immigrants to access Medi-Cal is about to grow longer.

Groundwater Pumping Increasing Seismic Activity

Is the combined weight of 38 million Californians actually deforming the Earth’s crust and increasing the number of earthquakes as well as causing the Coast Range and Sierras to soar even higher?

This may sound more like the premise of a satirical piece in The Onion or an absurd article in the tabloid National Enquirer rather than the thrust of a recent research paper in the respected British scientific journal Nature.

Food Grows Where Water Flows

The Huffington Post  helpfully informs us that “if you like to eat, you should really be worried about California’s drought.”

Even those of us who aren’t particularly fond of eating (a vanishingly small percentage) need to eat just to survive. Thus, everyone should be concerned about the impact of California’s drought on food production, supplies and prices.