Connect the (Terrorist) Dots

A portion of the nation is irate that five Taliban terrorists held at Gitmo have been freed in exchange for an American prisoner-of-war (POW) soldier in captivity for five years. According to the Weekly Standard, “The Taliban has long demanded that the ‘Gitmo 5’ be released in order for peace talks to begin in earnest...the administration set preconditions for the talks, including that the Taliban break its relationship with al-Qaeda.

ICE deports leader of multinational human smuggling network

On December 20, 2012 ICE issued a news release that reported on the deportation of Orlando Escobar-Leon, aka Eduardo Morales Esquivel, an illegal alien possessing dual citizenship in Mexico and Guatemala. Escobar-Leon headed an alien smuggling network with 12 other co-conspirators whose identities and other background information were not divulged.

If You See Something, Say Something

The phrase that serves as the title for my commentary today is plastered all over New York City and has been for years as a way of engaging the residents of the City of New York to encourage them to report any suspicious activities and/or persons to the appropriate authorities.  In