Alabama Gets Immigration-Overpopulation Link; California (Willfully) Doesn’t

Tiny Alabama with its 4.9 million residents is lucky to have U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks raising awareness about immigration’s effect on rampant population growth.

Brooks, who represents Alabama’s 5th District and its 696,000 people, spoke on the House floor and underlined many of Californians for Population Stabilization’s key arguments for limiting immigration to sensible, sustainable levels. Said Brooks:

Alabama AG Defies Overbearing DOJ; Sessions to Support States on Immigration Enforcement

Last week, the Department of Justice sent a forceful letter to Alabama school districts reminding them that under Plyler v. Doe a state may not deny any child equal access to public education based on his or her immigration status. The letter, signed by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, included a ten-point list of demands for enrollment information that must be submitted by November 14 and updated monthly.

Deported to Disappeared

Ed Pilkington of The Guardian UK in his article, "Alabama parents prepare for the worst: Separation from their kids," (10/12/11) laments the separation of parents from their children due to Alabama's newly-enacted illegal immigration legislation.  He refers to the law as "draconian immigration law" while the National Law Immigration Center's Linton Joaquin calls it a "human rights issue."

Attorney General Eric Holder Is at It Again; Justice Department Seeks To Block Alabama’s Immigration Law

According to breaking news reported by the Wall Street Journal, the federal government asked an appeals court Friday to halt the Alabama immigration law, claiming it may encourage discrimination, forces aliens into other adjacent states and could have unhealthy international consequences. Read the text of the Alabama law, H.B. 56, here.