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Trump Administration Love Affair with DACAs Deepens

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DHS Secretary Kelly goes squishy on DACA, wants legalization.

Taxpayers Foot Big Bill for Alien Children’s Petting Zoo Trips, Guitar Lessons

With the Capitol Hill hullabaloo about President Obama’s executive order suspending deportations for about 5 million aliens, last summer’s Central American invasion has suddenly become a distant memory. That’s the way it is on the immigration beat. Before Americans can cool down from the last immigration law abuse, another injustice soon comes along to replace it.

Border Patrol Agent Says Luis Gutierrez ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About’

When asked what he thought about U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s whine that Central American alien children are fleeing gun violence only to be met at the border by agents with guns, National Border Patrol Council #3307 Vice President and active on-duty agent Chris Cabrera told Fox News that “he [Gutierrez] just really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”