Congress Debates Four Amnesties, but No E-Verify Progress

Amnesties (four!) mean more population growth,
fewer American jobs.
Congressional amnesty discussions have Californians on edge. Once amnesty banter picks up on Capitol Hill, border crossings surge, and overpopulated California is a popular migrant destination.

Let’s Make a Deal: Congress Wants DACA Amnesty, Americans Want E-Verify, RAISE Act

Let's Make a Deal
Trump can’t come away from DACA amnesty empty handed,
needs E-Verify, RAISE Act in exchange.

Defeated Multiple Times, DREAM Act Returns, Awaits Same Fate

‘Future’ includes work permits, deportation
protection, and amnesty.

The Wall Street Journal asks if Congress Can Reach a Grand Immigration Bargain

In his Independence Day Wall Street Journal column, the Brooking Institute’s William A. Galston raised important questions about where U.S. immigration policy might be headed. Galston asked, among other questions, whether in light of President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats might soften their support of higher, family reunification, chain migration and shift toward more skill-based immigration as other nations have done.

Irish, Some Illegally in U.S. for 30 years, Hope for Amnesty

For the most part, conversations about illegal immigrants in the United States focus on Mexicans and Central Americans. Because of the physical proximity of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, coming to the U.S. by land is often less challenging and possibly less expensive than air travel.

Temporary Protected Status Extended to Haitians (Again!) – but DHS adds Important Footnote

Consistent with its past policy in which temporary means a series of rollovers that prolong temporary protected status (TPS) for foreign nationals years after the crisis back home has ended, TPS was extended, this time to Haitians, for an extra six months. Haitian TPS was first granted in 2011; Honduras and Nicaragua share the dubious record for longest “temporarily” in the U.S. – 18 years!

National Sheriffs’ Association Says Enforcement ‘Chilling Effect’ a Ruse

In open and arrogant defiance of the White House, the Department of Justice, the California State Sheriffs’ Association, the California Peace Officers and California’s roughly 36 million citizens and legal permanent residents, the California Senate passed SB 54, the so-called sanctuary state bill.

CAPS Releases Arizona Ad Asking if Sen. Flake is President Trump’s Friend or Foe

This week, CAPS released a television ad that will be broadcast throughout Arizona and will be, for the next several weeks, aired during prime time on Fox News in Phoenix.

Determined Durbin DREAMing Again

Despite 25 years of defeat, Sen. Dick Durbin proposes to try yet once again to pass DREAM Act-like legislation that would give permanent legal status to 740,000 deferred action beneficiaries (DACAs). Despite his spectacularly bad record, Durbin is determined to try again in the new Congress. As of today, DACAs have temporary permission to live and work in the United States.

Obama Gives Up on Amnesty – or Does He?

Just a few days after Donald Trump’s victory, Justice Department lawyers and lawyers from the 26 states that brought the law suit which challenged DACA and DAPA agreed to defer further litigation on Obama’s amnesty programs to the incoming administration.