As I Was Saying …

On October 12, my CAPS blog post reported that the Supreme Court had declined rehearing the Obama amnesty case, U.S. v. Texas. The 4-4 tie vote frustrated immigration advocacy groups, and the five million illegal aliens who had hoped to get work permission and other affirmative benefits.

Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Obama’s Amnesty, but ‘It Ain’t over ‘til the Alien Wins’

Give credit to Michelle Malkin for the all-too-true immigration axiom cited in the headline. Malkin coined the phrase more than 15 years ago in her book, Invasion.

DHS: Criminal Entity

Since breaking immigration law is a crime, then the Department of Homeland Security which actively undermines those laws, seemingly at every opportunity, should be considered a criminal entity.

Obama is at it Again: Amnesty Teleconference – You’re not Invited

The Obama administration’s determination to grant lawful permanent residence to illegal immigrants without congressional approval marches on unabated. Obama’s goal is to dismantle as much immigration law as possible during his remaining weeks in the White House.

DACA Turns Four

DACA’s ‘Future Eligible Children’
anticipate their work permits.

House Speaker Ryan Push, Push, Pushing for Amnesty

Illegal aliens will get right with the law, learn English, assimilate, pay fines and get work permits. Sure, we’ll secure the border, fix our broken immigration system. What I’m proposing really isn’t amnesty or a reward for illegal immigrants, blah, blah, blah.

4-4 Supreme Court Tie Equals Big Win for CAPS, Immigration Reform Patriots

I’m in Washington D.C. for the week, and anxiously awaited the Supreme Court decision on United States v. Texas that would decide whether President Obama’s deferred action amnesties for approximately five million aliens would go forward.

CAPS Kicks Off Wisconsin TV Campaign Asking House Speaker Ryan Why He Ignores Unemployed Americans, but Pushes for Work-Authorized Immigrants

Since elected to Congress in 1998, House Speaker Paul Ryan has compiled a mostly dismal immigration reduction record. Ryan, whose pro-immigration actions have become more egregious since he took over the speaker’s role, scores poorly or worse on ending unnecessary worker visas, reducing amnesty enticements, limiting refugee and asylum fraud, or promoting sensible immigration legislation that would help Americans.

Activist Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Should Recuse Herself in U.S. v. Texas

Supreme Court decision could determine nation’s fate.

Supreme Court to Hear Obama Amnesty; What Will Become of American Workers?

Supreme Court to decide on adding more