Pittsburgh: Temporarily Batman’s Gotham City, Permanently the Home of American Workers

Today, July 28, the temperature in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA is 96 degrees with the humidity about the same.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about hot, humid summer weather the Mid-Atlantic. But, as I walked along the North Shore of the Allegheny River, I noticed several construction crews outside of Heinz Field, best known as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ home.

In Utah, Patriotic Immigration Reform Activists Turn Up the Heat on Backdoor Amnesty "Traitors"

In my two earlier blogs, here and here, I wrote about Utah’s HB 116, a bill signed by Republican RINO Governor Gary Herbert on March 15.

Growing Human Misery on American Farms

One of the most common accusations made by advocates for open borders and sweeping amnesty programs for the unknown millions of illegal aliens present in our country is that those of us who demand that our nation secure our borders against unlawful entry of aliens and create an immigration system with real integrity – a system that can only be achieved by effectively enforcing the immigration laws – are “anti-immigrant” and bigots. It has been said that when an attorney is in court and weak on the facts and strong on the law, he pounds the law.

What's in a Name?

When we introduce ourselves to others we start out by telling our name.  The most fundamental conversation usually starts with the question, "Who are you?  What's your name?"

Fantastic news Obama’s immigration speech says the border fence is finished Obama stood before thousands of Texas Democrats and La Raza (The Race) supporters and told a whopper of a lie- "They (GOP) wanted a fence.

If At First You Don't Succeed: Lie, Lie Again!

On Tuesday, May 10th President Obama traveled to El Paso, Texas to deliver a speech about immigration and why it is now time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

Illegal Immigration: It's Just Business!

Somehow many people still don't understand that both sides of the political aisle are responsible for the ongoing immigration crisis.  There are a number of myths about immigration, and today I will quickly explain my perspectives on an issue I have been intimately involved with for

Utah’s Backdoor Amnesty Puts the Nation on High Illegal Immigration Alert

Early last week, CAPS issued a legislative alert urging concerned Americans to reject Utah Republican governor Gary Herbert’s backdoor amnesty.

The DREAM is Dead! Long live the (American) Dream!

This past weekend the United States Senate killed the DREAM Act.  Apparently the voices of Americans across our nation made certain that they got enough members of the United State Senate to listen to them and kill wrong-headed legislation that was wrong on many levels.