Speaker Boehner, Down but Not Out

During his 22 years in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner has never been the American workers’ true friend. This became painfully apparent when Boehner blocked U.S. Representative Lamar Smith’s 2011 Legal Workforce Act from coming to the floor for a full House vote. Smith’s bill would have mandated E-Verify, the free, online program that confirms whether a new hire is legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Amnesty Advocates Arrested at White House: Reid Supports Them, Obama Hedges; Where’s Enforcement?

Not that more evidence is needed to prove that forces pushing a blanket amnesty refuse to take “no” for an answer, but here’s the latest.

On President’s Day, U.S. Park police arrested about 30 demonstrators who the United Methodist Church and the National Day Labor Organizing Network had gathered at the White House north gate. Before acting, the police issued three warnings asking that the protestors tone down their anti-deportation chanting.

Congress Wants Americans to Trust Them on Immigration Enforcement; Why Should We?

Earlier last week, a California reporter called me to ask if I thought the House would pass amnesty legislation in 2014. During our conversation, in which I told him I don’t think Congress will act this year, the reporter got around to wondering what’s happened to internal enforcement, once a vital part of the old Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The Border Isn’t Better – It’s Getting Worse

Border Patrol TruckThe Obama Administration has tried to give the impression for some time that it has secured the Mexican border against illegal immigration.

Tale of Two Memos to Congress: One Looks out for American Interests, One for Corporate Greed

Last week Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions sent House Republicans his outline titled “Immigration and the GOP Agenda” that explained why the amnesty bill which they seem determined to pass is a bad deal for struggling, unemployed Americans. In response, Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group distributed its memo to Congress with the usual self-serving distortions intended to persuade doubters that immigration reform is the nation’s most urgent business.

Let’s Make Lawbreaking an Equal Opportunity Pursuit

Amnesty advocates demand that we reward foreigners who break our immigration laws with legal status and citizenship. They claim it is only fair and that it simply brings these allegedly pitiful people “out of the shadows.”

Oh really? So what’s fair about allowing foreigners to break laws and benefit from it when put-upon American citizens can’t do the same thing? If amnesty supporters wish to claim consistency, they must affirm the right to lawlessness as an equal opportunity pursuit.

Crunch Time

As a cost-savings strategy, Congress recessed without extending unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans, media reported December 28.

Unemployed Americans were interviewed, and, as would be expected, they talked about how traumatic it is to not find work and now lose an important source of support too.

Not addressed was how the United States continues to admit more authorized foreign workers monthly than number of new jobs created, including in the high-tech area.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Won't Fly

Before an airplane pilot accelerates down the runway and heads for the wild blue yonder, a meticulous pre-flight check of the airplane must be performed to ensure that the airplane's systems all function properly and the aircraft is airworthy. In considering the impending flight, the pilot will also check weather conditions and any other factors that may result in a disaster.

Immigration Reform: No Flatline Yet; None Anticipated

Comprehensive immigration reform advocates greeted Sen. Patty Murray and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s joint announcement that a budget deal had been reached with unabashed joy. [“Republicans Go Vitriolic against Ryan-Murray Budget Accord,” by E.J. Dionne, Anchorage Daily News, December 11, 2013]

‘Urgent’ Immigration Reform Turns Out Not So Urgent

Here, in no particular order, is a short list of concerns that Congress will take up when it reconvenes in January 2014: