Anchor Babies

CAPS TV Spot, New Website Promote Ending Birthright Citizenship

Californians for Population Stabilization will air a new TV spot during the Democratic presidential debate today. Designed to help Americans understand what presidential candidates mean when they talk about anchor babies and where they stand on granting automatic citizenship to everyone born on U.S. soil, the spot is scheduled to air multiple times on CNN across major markets in Iowa, South Carolina and California.

Anchor Baby Category is Broad

Denying citizenship to anchor babies, a concept under heated discussion on the presidential campaign trail, could have implications beyond what is normally associated with jus soli. Typically, the term “anchor baby” conjures the image of an illegal alien’s child or possibly a birth tourism infant.

Anchor Baby Citizenship ‘Insanity’ Dominates on Campaign Trail

Immigration is the No. 1 topic on the Republican presidential candidates’ talking points. Within the broad immigration topic, the most explosive questions the candidates field are about birthright citizenship and anchor babies.

House Committee Considers Birthright Citizenship’s Foolishness

On April 29, the House Judiciary Committee held an important hearing on birthright citizenship, one of many inducements to illegal immigration and a contributor to explosive population growth, especially in California. Watch the hearing here.

It starts with a baby

Although Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was ratified to ensure recently emancipated slaves were granted American citizenship along with its rights and privileges, over time, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Amendment to mean that most born on American soil receive the American citizenship.  The 14th Amendment does not grant citizenship to a child born of diplomats born in America.  Others, American citizens and illegal aliens alike who give birth to a child in America have an American citizen (birthright citizenship).

American’s Opposition to Birthright Citizenship Hits All-Time High

In its most recently released  polling results, Rasmussen Reports found that 65 percent of Americans oppose anchor baby citizenship, 63 percent support

Bastardization of the 14th Amendment

The arrogance of Democrats’ calls for the president to invoke the 14th Amendment to by-pass Congress to raise the debt ceiling demonstrates their lack of Constitutional knowledge, but also their ignorance of the basic checks and balances between the three branches of government.

Anchor babies cost Los Angeles welfare $600 million last year

California harbors the most illegal aliens in the nation and a new report out from the Los County Board of Supervisors shows the incredibly high cost of welfare for parents of anchor babies.