benefits for illegals

ENLIST Act (HR 60) Poses a Threat to National Security and Public Safety

The ENLIST Act (HR 60), currently under consideration by Congress, would provide illegal aliens with the opportunity to enlist in America’s armed forces and be placed on the pathway to lawful immigrant status. (The term “ENLIST” is an acronym for “Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training.”)

Her Hand Forced, Napolitano Changes Tune on Out-of-State, International Student Enrollment

For years, I’ve opposed the inherent unfairness of large numbers of out-of-state and international students filling university seats that should go to local kids whose families have subsidized those colleges. The problem of out-of-state and overseas students has been particularly acute in California, and has recently become the target of increasing and properly directed criticism.

Puzzled Mayors Scratch Heads, Wonder What a Sanctuary City Really Is

Nobody knows what a sanctuary city is – no one!

That’s the latest excuse sanctuary city mayors and immigration advocates offer in their disingenuous effort to ensure that tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to local jurisdictions will keep pouring in even though they steadfastly and illegally refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

California’s Collapsing Infrastructure

Wall of Debt = $443 billion. Sacramento Doesn’t Care, Demands Sanctuary State Legislation

DACAs Sue Wells Fargo for Nixing Their Student Loan Applications

MALDEF, DACAs not satisfied with the good deal illegal immigrants already have.

California Assemblyman Introduces another Head-Scratching Immigration Bill

California Assemblyman David Chiu, who represents most of the Eastern San Francisco district, has introduced AB 291, the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act of 2017. AB 291 aims to protect illegal immigrants and refugees from, in general, President Donald Trump, and specifically from unscrupulous landlords who allegedly may turn them into Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

California Legislators Trash Talk Trump, Bad Idea

California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León promised that the Legislature will fast-track new laws to expand the already generous protections the state offers to illegal aliens. Included will be funded legal representation for aliens that may face removal. Attorney General Xavier Becerra and former U.S.

CA State Sen. Lara Back at it…More for Illegal Immigrants, Less for Citizens

California State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is promoting yet another round of expanded benefits for the state’s illegal aliens.

Feds Funding Deported Illegal Immigrants Living Back Home

For Americans who understandably can’t make heads or tails out of U.S. immigration policy, here’s another head scratcher. The United States is doling out $50,000 intended to help out deported Salvadorian aliens living back home in El Salvador.

Another Country

Increasingly, California does look like another country. It hews so far to extremes on immigration issues that it’s difficult to see how it can be reconciled with reasonable policies. So a Calexit, or California secession, from the United States to form a new country, as has been proposed, might not be that radical of an idea.