Birthright Citizenship

Guilty! Immigration Lawyer Convicted of Obstruction in Birth Tourism Case

Good news and bad news in the birth tourism case involving immigration lawyer Ken Z. Liang who was charged with accepting $6,000 from Chinese national Ying Wu in exchange for his advice on how she could flee the U.S., despite a court order that she remain as a material witness. Wu was later apprehended at LAX. To deliver her anchor baby in California, Wu paid birth maternity hotel operators $40,000.

Immigration Spot Delivered Best Part of GOP Presidential Candidate Debate

GOP Presidental Debate Reagan Library Sep 2015

Important and obvious question on immigration omitted

Controversy over Birthright Citizenship

Donald Trump’s entrance into the Presidential campaign has turned the world of career politicians, and the lobbyists who support their campaigns, upside down and inside out. At the root of their consternation is immigration, a topic that most politicians and journalists have tried their best to avoid and the issue that Trump has focused on with laser-like intensity.Donald Trump

The Constitution Doesn’t Require Birthright Citizenship

Birthright citizenship has become a hot topic at the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. Candidates are forced to address it due to the Republican frontrunner raising it as an issue, along with other immigration-related issues.

House Committee Considers Birthright Citizenship’s Foolishness

On April 29, the House Judiciary Committee held an important hearing on birthright citizenship, one of many inducements to illegal immigration and a contributor to explosive population growth, especially in California. Watch the hearing here.

Crackdown on Maternity Tourism Hotels

It was one of those rare occasions when the Obama Administration actually allowed immigration authorities to enforce the law.

USC Goes All Out in Support of Amnesty, Part II

On April 30, USC and the Schwarzenegger Institute hosted an event to put a stamp of approval on the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation.

Gang of Eighter Sen. John McCain said he believes that with new technology and E-Verify, “We can have 90 percent effective control of our border.”

Why quibble over a mere 10 percent?

USC Goes All Out in Support of Amnesty – Part III

Listening to the recent pro-immigration event at USC made me think of George Orwell, because of the 1984ish flavor of the conference. I’m not talking all-out dystopia, but a real sense of propaganda and calling things not as they are.

One speaker, Dowell Myers, a USC professor of population dynamics, was asked about the cost of health care and anchor babies – how do relative benefits versus costs get reconciled?

“There’s lots of economic data,” he said, “and it’s hard to know who to believe.”

California department of finance: 2050 state population will hit 50 million, led by Hispanics

The California Department of Finance’s recent announcement that within six months the state’s Hispanic population will exceed that of whites has personal meaning for me. Six months from now I’ll celebrate my birthday; I was born and raised in Los Angeles during the 1940s. According to Census Bureau statistics, in my birth decade from 1940 to 1950, California’s total population was 6.9 million; the Hispanic population was less than 500,000.

It starts with a baby

Although Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was ratified to ensure recently emancipated slaves were granted American citizenship along with its rights and privileges, over time, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Amendment to mean that most born on American soil receive the American citizenship.  The 14th Amendment does not grant citizenship to a child born of diplomats born in America.  Others, American citizens and illegal aliens alike who give birth to a child in America have an American citizen (birthright citizenship).