High Fertility in Terrorist-Sponsoring Nations Increases Risks in U.S.

Recently, Somali-born terrorist Dahir Adan stabbed and wounded nine in a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall. At about the same time, Afghanistan-born Ahmad Khan Rahami was linked to bombings in New York and New Jersey.

House Committee Considers Birthright Citizenship’s Foolishness

On April 29, the House Judiciary Committee held an important hearing on birthright citizenship, one of many inducements to illegal immigration and a contributor to explosive population growth, especially in California. Watch the hearing here.

America’s population explosion third highest in the world

Last week  the Wall Street Journal's editorial page featured Jonathan Last’s “America’s Baby Bust” as if our country faced a declining population.  Last wrote that our falling fertility rate represented the root cause of many of our problems, and he concluded that, “ It's only getting worse.” Read Last's column here.

The Economist Weighs In With More Misinformation about America’s "Double Bind": Too Few Births and Not Enough Immigrants

For decades, when immigration is the subject, The Economist has been Europe’s equivalent of the Wall Street Journal and the now defunct, in print at least, Newsweek.   According to The Economist, more immigration, preferably in unlimited numbers, is always better than less.

Births and Immigration Down; Much Work Ahead to Sustain the Trend

According to Smart Growth America, my decision to move from California to Pittsburgh to escape relentless, immigration-driven population was spot on. Over the last several years, Pittsburgh’s population declined but its average household wealth increased.

What Does an Overpopulation Planet Look Like in 40 Years?

While you read about every kind of disaster from Haiti to India, from Mexico to Sudan—few understand the ramifications of continued human overpopulation growth.  Mostly, they avoid it!  However, as human overload grows more serious within the United States, more and more people consider its accelerating consequences as a systematic global predicament.