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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez on Immigration

Today’s Black and Latino Leaders are Embarrassed by their Views

Over at National Review, Ian Smith of the Immigration Reform Law Institute poses the fascinating question of what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have thought of today’s immigration debate were he still alive, instead of having been brutally gunned down on a motel balcony in Memphis nearly half a century ago.

MLK Friend and Advisor: High Immigration that Displaces Black Workers Would ‘Outrage’ King

After spending more than 30 years on the immigration beat, one mystery puzzles me more than the dozens of others I’ve analyzed and written about. Despite overwhelming evidence that the last three decades’ high immigration levels have disproportionately harmed blacks, African-Americans leaders and their constituents have not joined our call for restrictions.

CAPS Ad Urging Less Immigration Airs Tonight on CNN

Slowing Immigration Not Racist, Just ‘Common Sense’

No Job Openings for More than Three out of Five Job Seekers

For two uninterrupted years that began with the 2012 election cycle, federal, state and local politicians have promised to throw their full weight behind job creation.

Seeking Black Leadership on ‘Immigration Reform’

The 50th anniversary this past August of Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington” speech seemed a prime occasion (his birthday just passed this month was another) for the nation’s self-appointed civil rights leaders, as well as journalists and academic pundits, to express illuminating opinions on pending legislation affecting African-Americans, if there was any.

Round One: President Barack Obama versus Challenger Mitt Romney

During the hours leading up to Debate I between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I made the conscious decision not to watch. I’ve been paying close attention to presidential politics since 1960 when John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Nixon in the first ever televised debate.

Reading between the lines…

The Center for American Progress conducted the Campus Progress National Conference.  The conference purports to teach college students how to create a progressive America.  The progress is the advancement of issues such as jobs, education, immigration, etc.  The illustrious speakers list included House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Chair & Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, U.S.

Obama’s Self-Serving Executive Order Most Hurtful to Unemployed Minorities

Whether the final total number of newly authorized workers that President Obama’s executive order will create is the administration’s projected 800,000, the Pew Hispanic Center’s 1.4 million or the probable 2 million the Migration Policy Institute expects, one fact  the other side can’t argue with: each new work permit issued makes an


This week President Obama pandered to a group of black business owners, political and community leaders by stating that his policies "were designed with African-Americans in mind," (Obama seeks ideas on reducing Black joblessness).

Zero New August Jobs; Zero Hope for Unemployed Americans

The great old refrain "I’ve been down so long it looks like up to me" should become the nation’s new unofficial anthem.