book review

A Heartwarming Look at Californians’ Love Affair with Their Wildlife

Book Review of When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors: People and Wildlife Working It Out in California
By Beth Pratt-Bergstrom

Address the Cause, Not the Symptoms

A book review of 
Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, by Karen I. Shragg

Book Review: ‘Presidents and the American Environment’ by CAPS Board Member Otis Graham

For about a dozen years during my ongoing three-decade career as an environmental planner and wildlife biologist, I consulted extensively for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I assisted the Service in preparing comprehensive conservation plans (CCPs) and habitat management plans (HMPs) on about 50 national wildlife refuges (NWRs) around the country, reaching from the Caribbean to Alaska.

Lucky guy! I got to visit, explore and help develop long-term plans to manage and protect some pretty special places, all characterized by their abundance and diversity of wild living things.

California Author Warns Against ‘Immoderate Greatness’

"Desolation," 1836, from the "The Course of Empire" series by American artist Thomas Cole.

An Overpopulation Library

A housing downsize forced me (and someday, perhaps, you) to accept the need to limit and thin my library. I arbitrarily allocated a yard of shelf space to the books that most educated me on the global “human overpopulation problem” of modern times.

Tackling the Taboo: Leading environmental activists and scholars take on population in new book

Book review of Life on the Brink:  Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation (University of Georgia Press, 2012)

When it comes to human overpopulation and the war it is waging on nature, the American environmental establishment has been AWOL for several decades.  Now comes a refreshing new anthology published by the University of Georgia Press that seeks to remind environmentalists of all that is at stake and make them reconsider their dereliction of duty.