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President Obama Purposely Cites Misinformation to Sell His Amnesty Plan

During his recent interview with NPR, President Obama repeatedly referred to Americans opposed to amnesty as “nativists” and insisted that “we’ve got more resources, more border police, more money being spent at our borders than at any time in the last 30, 40 years.” Watch the complete NPR interview here.

Border Patrol Stripping Agents of Rifles

On November 9, television station News 4 KVOA in Tucson, Arizona, reported that some Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Tucson Sector had their M4 Carbines taken from them, purportedly to carry out a “safety inspection” of the weapons, but that the weapons have neither been returned nor replaced.

Central American Migration Subsides – For Now

The heavy flow of Central American youths crossing our border, which drew national attention when it peaked in June, has tapered off significantly since then. Experts suggest a number of reasons. One is simply the hot weather. As a Border Patrol Officer noted, “It’s slowed down . . . due to the heat. Whenever these summer months come along, that translates to less people.” As the weather cools, the crossings may increase.

Creative Coyotes Transport Aliens to U.S. on Jet Skis

White House-Neutered Border Patrol Watches Helplessly

Here’s a brief but powerful story that underlines how severe the border surge is and the peril the invasion puts America in.

Immigration Meltdown: The Far-Ranging Consequences for America

The human tsunami of illegal aliens, principally from Central America, many of them minors, continues to flood the southwest border of the United States, garnering attention from journalists around the country and, indeed, around the world.

Chávez Stood for Border Security

Cesar Chavez, Border SecurityThe National Park Service is planning to establish a national park in California honoring César Chávez, the iconic Mexican-American labor leader. Belinda Faustinos, who co-chaired the panel to select the sites for the park, said that it would be a place where Latinos can relate to their culture and history.

Mexican drug cartels fight turf battles in Chicago

A disturbing news report aired on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on August 23, 2012 began:

(CBS News) CHICAGO - Gun violence is out of control in Chicago. Just last night, there were eight shootings, two of them deadly.

That pushes the total so far in 2012 to 351 shooting deaths -- up 30 percent from last year. Drug gangs are a big reason.

Closure of Border Patrol stations across four states triggers alarm

On July 11, 2012 Fox News ran a disturbing news concerning the plans of the Obama administration to close nine U.S. Border Patrol Stations in four states.

According to the Fox News article these are the locations of the Border Patrol stations that are on the chopping block:

Document trafficker sentenced to prison for manufacturing and selling fraudulent identification documents

Today's commentary focuses on the successful prosecution of an illegal alien from Mexico, Victor Lopez-Escamilla aka "Mango Chupado," and "Ventura," for producing and selling fraudulent identity documents including counterfeit Alien Registration Cards (Green Cards) and Social Security Cards as reported in an ICE news release.

The Numbers Game

There is a saying that, "Figures don't lie but liars can figure!"

Statistics are often used to as a metric to establish the effectiveness of a program.  Statistics can provide an appearance of total objectivity and being fact-based when nothing could be further from the truth!