Jerry Brown’s ‘Freeloaders’ Will Underwrite $45 Million Alien Defense Fund

When a state is deeply in the red, budget increases should be scrutinized. But in California, where the state faces, according to Governor Jerry Brown, a $1.6 billion shortfall, there’s still always money aplenty for illegal immigrants’ causes.

Facing Huge Deficit, Gov. Brown Declares Cuts Essential …

… but only in programs that help California’s vanishing citizen middle-class

California’s Middle Class Scholarship program (MCS) is on Governor Jerry Brown’s chopping block. Intended to pay for up to 40 percent of UC and Cal State students’ tuition fees, assuming their families’ incomes and assets, minus home values and retirement accounts, don’t exceed $156,000.

Mr. Becerra (Calif. AG) Goes to Washington

By next summer, Governor Jerry Brown predicts that California’s budget deficit will hit $1.6 billion. And California’s insurmountable Wall of Debt, an aggregate of its current and long-term debt plus unfunded obligations, is a staggering $443 billion. In light of California’s disastrous fiscal nightmare, Gov. Brown proposes to cut public school spending, and re-evaluate other costly entitlement programs the state can no longer afford. 

Hidden behind the Budget’s Happy Headlines, Californians Can’t Afford to Buy a House

California is flush, or so it would seem. Recent headlines cheered a soaring budget surplus that may have increased by $8 billion over the last several months. The total is four times the original $2 billion estimate and is attributable to stronger-than-anticipated income tax receipts.

No English? No Worries, SSDI Coffers Are Open Anyway

When I read that an inability to speak English isn’t a deterrent to receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), I wasn’t surprised.

Brown Off to D.C. to Foolishly Lobby for an Alien "Path to Citizenship"

Here’s an update on the other side’s amnesty jargon. Outdated are comprehensive immigration reform and legalization. The latest trendy phrase is “path to citizenship,” no doubt the result of market research into what resonates best among those amnesty advocates need to convince.  “Amnesty,” suggestive of forgiving criminals, offends. The softer “path to citizenship” may resonate positively with the undecided.

Where illegal aliens & health care collide

Illegal aliens often seek medical care in hospital emergency rooms. So imagine that Jane, a hypothetical illegal alien, went to a Houston, Texas emergency room with something as simple as the flu. The hospital doctors and nurses review her symptoms, maybe observe her overnight, possibly prescribe medicine and release her the next day.

The Fall of San Bernardino: Over Population and Unchecked Immigration Seal its Fate

In the 1930s, San Bernardino was a prime winter vacation destination for Hollywood movie stars seeking to get away from what they considered to be chilly Los Angeles weather. Just as winter ended, two major league baseball franchises, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Browns held their spring training camps in Berdo, as its many admirers lovingly called the Inland Empire city.

What could the U.S. do with $37 billion?

According to the World Bank Factbook 2011, the US is the top migrant destination country and had the largest inflows of migrants between 2005 and 2010.  As of 2010, the total number of immigrants in the US is 42.8 million.  The top country with the number of emigrants (those leaving their home country) is Mexico at 11.9 million. The top migration corridor is the Mexico-United States corridor with 11.6 million people.

Economists Push More Births in Developed Countries

As an oldster of 80 with two jobs, a large family to see to, and enjoying a wonderful married life with lots of sports and social activities I disagree totally with the stupid economists who think we oldsters can’t take care of ourselves and that the dwindling population of younger people should have to pay and take care of us. That is the stated reason for advocating that European nations, Japan and the U.S. have more children. These economists think that we need more workers to put money into the Social Security programs of each nation.  But because the U.S.