California unemployment

A 20-Year Personal Perspective on Immigration in California

My first involvement in the illegal and legal immigration battle began in 1993 when I served as Chairman of the Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council. We helped job seekers through a county department which operated under federal law related to workforce development.

Jobless in L.A. Hit the Street to Scratch Out a Living

Give credit to jobless Los Angeles County residents for their creativity and gumption. With the county’s official unemployment rate in July at 8.7 percent, the Los Angeles Times reports that many Angelenos have reluctantly turned to street vending to make ends meet. Most have been laid off from their salaried jobs and can’t find new employment.

Another Major Company Leaves California

Toyota's USA Headquarters in Torrance, CAIn what looks like a page out of Nissan’s playbook, another automaker, Toyota, is picking up stakes in the South Bay, part of the greater Los Angeles area, and taking its U.S. headquarters to Texas.  Toyota is the world’s largest automaker and the eighth largest company.

California’s Vicious Unemployment Cycle

As recently posted on the CAPS homepage, California has the United States’ second highest unemployment rate. According to seasonally adjusted figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California’s 11.7 unemployment rate is slightly lower than Nevada’s 13.4 percent. [Despite Gains, California Has Second Highest Jobless Rate in U.S., Los Angeles Times, November 22, 2011]