Kauai Fights to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Preserve its Environment in Hawaii

Every year, INRIX, Inc., a traffic data and insights organization, releases its findings about the most awful cities to drive in. Not much changes from year to year. In 2015, just as it did in 2014, Los Angeles topped the list for the nation’s most congested cities, with the added headache of having four of the worst ten stretches of highway – globally.

CAPS Launches Ad to Reinforce Link between Overpopulation, Diminished Water Supplies

A recent Los Angeles Times feature that focused on Californians for Population Stabilization spawned other purposely distorted stories that either ignored the CAPS mission or misstated it altogether.

CAPS Launches National Ad Campaign to Block Earned Income Tax Credit for Unlawful Immigrants

Only President Obama’s White House could dream up and promote a program designed to grant Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs) to aliens who have never legally worked in the United States.

CAPS Says ‘Save Our States’

News in recent weeks has been dominated by the Ebola virus and fundamentalist terrorists claiming Islam and barbarism as their own (what a combination!), so our continuing immigration dysfunction in the U.S. and our unsecured borders haven’t been much in the news. But, Hello, the problem still is here. In fact, with Ebola and ISIS, one would think mainstream media would be a little more attuned to the value of border enforcement.

Earth Day 2014

Leading up to the 2014 Earth Day celebration, this week Californians for Population Stabilization launched a series of television ads in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The ads will be broadcast on multiple stations in each market through April 22, Earth Day.