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Immigration Wisdom from the Philippines

President-elect Donald Trump’s immediate immigration priorities are on illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes, but the Philippines may be ahead of the U.S. immigration enforcement curve by sending the message to all Filipinos living here illegally to head home. From the Philippines Diocese of Balanga, Bishop Ruperto Santos encouraged his countrymen who might be living in the U.S.

Pope Francis Visit to Mexico Makes Some Locals Unhappy

Anyone who has lived in a city about to welcome an international dignitary knows what a hassle it is for everyday citizens. In 1995, when Pope John Paul II visited New York, his trip was a nightmare for locals. Heavy security shut down areas around Wall Street, Central Park, the U.N. and Queens. Millions of dollars were spent beefing up police protection for the Pope. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Cardinal Edward Egan were happy as were thousands of Catholic faithful.

Pope Francis Agrees: Sending Countries, Not U.S., Responsible for Emigrating Children

In his letter to a Vatican conference in Mexico City, Pope Francis repeated the often-voiced immigration opinions of Roman Catholic leaders.

Bishops Say Mass at the Border; Catholic Lay Want Enforcement


Separate that family but not this one

On Monday, the Archdiocese of Atlanta called on the Obama administration to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Speaking on behalf of one million Georgia Catholics, Archbishop Wilton Gregory lauded the administration for issuing work permits  and deportation reprieves to illegal immigrants.  However, the Archbishop wants more.

What Happened to 'Do No Harm?'

Walking around “wound up” half the time is bad for our health. But these days I find myself wound up way too often. The bad news for women around the world is troubling, upsetting, alarming and relentless.

Part 1: Overpopulation in 21st Century America -- Our Perilous Future

In the early years of the 21st century, the United States continues on a course toward adding another 100 million people by 2035.