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Two Watermelon Stories: Panicked Pre-Harvest; Jubilant Post-Harvest

Here’s a good one for the “crops are rotting in the field” file. A favorite reporter theme that dates back at least 30 years defies the abundant evidence that the rotting crops claim is false and serves only to advance the agenda of immigration advocates. The storyline nevertheless continues year after year. Growers’ messages sent through the gullible press are always the same: unless thousands more low-skill, undereducated illegal immigrants are given guest worker visas which ideally will lead to amnesty for them and their families, then crops will be lost.

Sanctuary Lunacy Hits New High – Personal Homes Are Alien-Safe Zones!

Sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, sanctuary states, sanctuary restaurants, sanctuary hospitals, sanctuary universities, sanctuary K-12 schools and now the jackpot absurdity, the sanctuary home.

Immigrant Restaurant Owner Decries Los Angeles’ Cheap Eats Lists

Diep Tran, chef and owner of Los Angeles’ popular Good Girl Dinette, recently wrote a passionate opinion column that criticized food journalists for promoting cheap eats lists. Tran, a Vietnamese refugee, said that by advertising dining establishments that serve lower cost food than available elsewhere, publications sanction, perhaps unknowingly, hiring immigrants who invariably work for lower than the going rate an American or legal resident would expect.

Let’s Start the New Year by Resolving to be Honest about Immigration

President-elect Donald Trump was the only candidate in the 2016 race for the White House to propose securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws.

H1-B-Addicted Tech Industry Not Getting New Reality

Apparently, Silicon Valley didn’t get the Election Day memo. President-elect Donald Trump campaigned on, among other issues, getting Americans back to work, and establishing a legal immigration system that functions in the nation’s best interest.

Revisiting How we Got Here

I have been asked by CAPS to write a series of blog posts. I feel uniquely qualified to write about population growth caused by legal and illegal immigration as I've forgotten more about these subjects than most people will ever know. It’s not a blessing, but a curse. I feel like Renfield in “Dracula,” as it is my personal burden, maybe yours also, to see what is happening to our country and wonder why few others do.

Former, Current Labor Secretaries Agree: Immigration Bad for Workers, Hurts Incomes

Labor Day 2015 will be bleak for many Americans. For those who have jobs, their real wages have been stagnant for about 30 years. And for the more than 92 million detached from the workforce, the chance of landing a good job grows slimmer every day.

Organized Labor Ignores U.S. Workers

American workers are under siege. Many are unemployed, and many who want full-time employment have to settle for part-time work. Wages are increasing slowly, if at all, for workers. And jobs paying a middle-class income are increasingly hard to find.

Tech Firms Cry Worker Shortage – Americans Need not Apply

Scott Corley is a man with a mission. Corley is executive director of Compete America, an organization representing some of the top names in American high tech and information technology (IT), including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Microsoft. Corley is lobbying Congress to grant a significant increase in the number of foreign tech workers that the companies can hire under the H-1B temporary visa program.

Little-Big Businessmen Cry ‘Labor Shortage’

We all remember the story of the Little Boy who cried “wolf” when there was no wolf around. Today, we have a similar tale: the Little-Big Businessmen who cry “labor shortage.”

Actually these types have been around for quite some time. In the past they cried “labor shortage” when Congress was trying to abolish child labor, and they proclaimed it when Congress proposed and enacted significant cuts in immigration in the 1920s.