Chuck Schumer

Temporary Protected Status Should Mean (but rarely does) ‘Temporary’

Here’s a news item you may have missed, but one that has consequences for the ever-increasing number of immigrants residing in the United States and the nation’s growing immigrant population which hit a record 42.1 million in 2016’s first quarter.

Schumer's Immigration Platform is Built on Planks Made of Balsa Wood

On Sunday, November 11, 2012, New York's Senator Chuck Schumer appeared on NBC News' Face the Nation and was asked about immigration. Here is, in part, how Schumer responded to that question as reported in an article posted by Capital New York:

Arizona Gov. Brewer Smells a Rat; Declines Schumer’s Invitation to be Raked over the Coals

Three cheers for Jan Brewer. The Arizona governor turned down Senator Chuck Schumer’s invitation to testify about S.B. 1070 at his April 24 hearing before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security. [Sen. Schumer Invites Ariz. Gov. to Hearing on Controversial Anti-Immigration Law, by Daniel Strauss, The Hill, February 22, 2012]

Breaking News! Schumer Admits Defeat on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, DREAM Act

Since 2009, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has repeatedly promised “comprehensive immigration reform.” Schumer has consistently predicted that any day now or maybe next week or next summer, he’ll gather the necessary votes and amnesty will pass. The powerful Schumer is Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Refugees.

Schumer Up to His Old Tricks; Will Introduce Bill Calling for 10,000 Visas for Irish

Normally, perseverance is considered a positive trait. But Senator Chuck Schumer’s determination to pass an amnesty, no matter how hurtful it would be to American workers, isn’t admirable unless, of course, you are the beneficiary of his largess.

In this case the Irish, if Schumer has his way, will be the big winners.

Craziest Immigration Scam Ever? Buy a House, Get a Visa

About five years into what eventually would become my 25-year (and counting) commitment to reforming immigration in a way positive for America, I promised myself I would never claim that I had "seen it all." Early on, I recognized that the powerful forces that lobby for more immigration within and outside Congress are creative enough to keep incentivizing immigrants.

Dust Flies at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Non-Immigrant Visa Reform

According to participants at a hearing recently held by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the current employment-based immigration system (H-1B non-immigrant work visas) is dysfunctional. [Senator Chuck Schumer Tries Reviving Immigration Bill, by Carrie Budoff Brown,, July 18, 2011]