Despite Disney Disgrace, Behind-the-Scenes Push for More Visas Continues

U.S. News reported that at a recent “immigration forum,” several in Congress discussed the possibility of more high-tech visas and – triple groan – “fixing the broken immigration system.” The system is broken because, by and large, immigration laws have not been enforced since the Immigration Act of 1965, a bill signed into law half a century ago!

February Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Excludes the Obvious: Not Enough Jobs

Here are three things to keep in mind before getting too excited by the February Bureau of Labor Statistics’ predictably cheery jobs report. BLS announced that the economy added 295,000 jobs last month and that the unemployment rate declined to 5.5 percent from 5.7 percent.

President Obama Purposely Cites Misinformation to Sell His Amnesty Plan

During his recent interview with NPR, President Obama repeatedly referred to Americans opposed to amnesty as “nativists” and insisted that “we’ve got more resources, more border police, more money being spent at our borders than at any time in the last 30, 40 years.” Watch the complete NPR interview here.

Nov. 11: Honoring American WWII Veterans

Uncle GusYesterday I learned that the last of my father’s siblings had died this month. Uncle Gus was one of six children – all except one emigrated to the United States from Greece. Reading the obituary, I learned he was a U.S. Army veteran who had earned six bronze battle stars (the things one doesn’t know about one’s family, certainly when ties haven’t been maintained).

Another Enforcement-Minded House Representative Added to Powerful Position; Boehner Out?

In November, U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) was announced as the successor to termed-out House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith. Capitol Hill observers consider Goodlatte every bit Smith’s equal when it comes to enforcement and ending illegal immigrants’ entitlements.

Population Projections: The Best is Bad, the Worst, Disaster

Politicians and Pinocchio

The Washington Post, no friend to immigration reform patriots, has initiated what it calls a “Pinocchio” system for rating misrepresentations made by during political dialogues. Calling himself the “Fact Checker” and identifying his mission as revealing the “truth behind the rhetoric,” Post columnist Glenn Kessler set out to find out what the real story is behind the Google chat room confrontation a few weeks ago between President Obama and Jennifer Wedel, a semiconductor engineer’s wife.

New CIS Report Confirms That "Every State Is a Border State"

Californians for Population Stabilization has since its founding in 1986 advocated for reducing the nation’s population. If America didn’t have 312 million people, then most social problems like school and hospital overcrowding, urban sprawl, poverty could be contained or possibly even resolved.

Immigration think tank sees birthright citizenship as threat to U.S. security

A new Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report examined the consequences of America’s liberal birthright (anchor baby) policy and found that the program may have national security implications.