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What if Brown’s Right about Winter Wildfires ‘the new normal’?

thomas fire rages is California
Census Bureau projects show Santa Barbara at increasing risk from wildfire loss.

California Burns

As last week closed, I read that multiple fires continued to burn across California as 4,500 firefighters battled the blazes. 4,500! The fires have claimed lives, tens of thousands of acres, homes and wildlife. But it’s not only California; 17 fires burned across six Western states as of the weekend.

Climate Gone Crazy

Epic California Drought Just One Manifestation of Weather Out of Whack

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps 200 pictures are worth a book, or at least a blog post. The Los Angeles Times has posted a dramatic “infographic” of more than 200 images of California drought maps from 2011 to 2015 that vividly depict the progression or descent of the Golden State into the worst drought of its recorded history.

Two Peas in a Pod – Jerry Brown and Barack Obama on Climate Change

You’ve got to hand it to Governor Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama for at least one thing: they each have heaps of chutzpah, though critics might call it effrontery.

The guv and the prez have the gall to cast themselves as crusading heroes on climate change – hobnobbing with hip celebrities and basking in accolades from the likes of Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington and Leonardo DiCaprio – even as they promote mass immigration and massive U.S. population growth that will inevitably sabotage national-level efforts to reign in America’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Houston: Planet Earth Has a Big Problem – Human Overpopulation

On May 4, NBC did a short piece about climate change in advance of a report to be released on the issue. Journalist Ann Curry reported on Climate Change causing horrific wildfires, tornadoes, Category 5 hurricanes, rising seas, temperature changes, heat waves and worse for the future. But Curry made no mention of human overpopulation driving any of this.

It’s the Bottom of the Ninth – Now it’s Nature’s Turn to Bat

“Nature is no longer merely the inert stage on which the human drama plays out. Nature…has its own grand narrative…that says you can no longer take me for granted ….”

Now Entering the SyFy Zone

How can we humans fight climate change? Build a machine to vacuum up greenhouse gases from our upper atmosphere? Shoot sunlight-reflecting particles into the air?

California’s New Views on Climate Change

Last month, I highlighted a study about how climate change would impact the Los Angeles region, noting the report’s tone of inevitability and references to the need to develop “climate resiliency,” or to “just adapt.”