Ohio State Slasher Attended Land-Grant University (!)

Justin Morrill’s land-grant university system is off course.

California Taxpayers Fight Back against In-State University Tuition Subsidies to Aliens

California’s taxpayers have long been frustrated by the multi-millions of dollars in entitlements that the state government provides year after year to illegal immigrants. A few weeks ago one of those disgruntled taxpayers, Earl De Vries, brought a lawsuit against the University of California’s Board of Regents in which he claimed that giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants at all University of California schools violates federal law.

UCLA Students Savage Mother Whose Son was Killed by an Illegal Alien

Sabine Durden with her son, Dominic, killed

Dangerous ‘Safe Spaces’ on College Campuses are Un-American

America and its citizens are under attack from outside forces – from terror and criminal organizations seeking to enter the country, wreak havoc and ply their violent and criminal “trades” – and from forces within the United States.

Costly College Degree … Today’s Labor Market Generating Jobs that Don’t Need It

Parents of college-bound graduating high school seniors got a rude jolt recently about the value of a college diploma in the moribund U.S. jobs market. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the coveted university diploma is often not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Fundamentally unjust & economically short-sighted

The Judiciary Non-Civil Committee of Georgia's General Assembly heard SB458.  This bill seeks to make it illegal for illegal alien students to attend Georgia's public universities and technical schools.  The bill does not apply to private colleges.  During the committee hearing, there were representatives from both sides of the issue that spoke before the committee.

Florida DREAMer Whines Her Way to Deferred Action; Works with Congress to Draft Amnesty Legislation

After 25 years on the patriotic immigration reform beat, I should be immune to the outrageous stories that feature ungrateful aliens demanding more entitlements. Unfortunately, I’m not.

Pressure Mounts on Governor Brown to Sign AB 131

On August 25, Assembly Member Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, released a statement protesting Assembly Bill 131, the second part of the California DREAM Act that has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and is headed for Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature.  Brown already signed the first part, AB 130, which authorizes the use by aliens of private funds if they are accepted into California’s universities and colleges.

Want to go to college? Not in California

California’s budget crisis will now be handled by adults according to newly-minted and former California Governor Jerry Brown. Nothing is off the table Brown said- except those who have collective bargaining contracts.