Congress Debates Four Amnesties, but No E-Verify Progress

Amnesties (four!) mean more population growth,
fewer American jobs.
Congressional amnesty discussions have Californians on edge. Once amnesty banter picks up on Capitol Hill, border crossings surge, and overpopulated California is a popular migrant destination.

Congressional Immigration Advocates Take Advantage of Trump’s DACA Waffling

DACA logo
Legislation may allow DACAs to work for your Congressman.

The Wall Street Journal asks if Congress Can Reach a Grand Immigration Bargain

In his Independence Day Wall Street Journal column, the Brooking Institute’s William A. Galston raised important questions about where U.S. immigration policy might be headed. Galston asked, among other questions, whether in light of President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats might soften their support of higher, family reunification, chain migration and shift toward more skill-based immigration as other nations have done.

Coaching Soccer: Job Americans Won’t Do?

No one would ever guess that there’s a shortage of American soccer coaches. Millions of American boys, girls and young adults play soccer at the high school, college and amateur level and are potentially prime coaching prospects.

Jeh Johnson: DHS Has Money to Save His Job, but not to Protect American Workers

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told a House Judiciary Committee that his department doesn’t have “enough tools” to proactively pursue employers who abuse the H-1B visa.

On Sanctuary Cities, Congressional Hearings are Fine, but Meaningless without Action

On July 21, Senate Judiciary Chair Charles Grassley will hear testimony from family members of illegal alien crimes.

State of the Union

“The state of the Union is strong,” President Obama told the nation last night. Depending on your personal situation, how extensively you follow what’s happening in the world and your level of respect for power and authority, you may believe that.

Lawless Napolitano Lectures about Law

Janet Napolitano, former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and current president of the University of California system, recently addressed the University of Georgia School of Law. Those who appreciate irony certainly can savor that spectacle: an arch advocate of lawlessness presuming to lecture at a law school.

Forty-Four Illegal Entry Attempts: No Reason Not to Keep Trying

Consequences of unlawful entry depend on who’s threatened. This weekend, Omar J. Gonzalez scaled the White House fence and managed to open the door to the executive mansion. Law enforcement officials promptly arrested Gonzalez who was armed with a folding knife.

Obama is Cracking no Jokes now about Moats, Alligators at the Border

Now it’s Back to Bush Blame Game for Crisis at the Border

In a May 2011 speech near the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, President Obama bragged about the many measures taken by his administration to enhance border security. The “deporter-in-chief” then repeated his familiar, hackneyed attack on congressional Republicans for their intransigence on immigration reform.