Gone: Cantor, Kids Act and Amnesty Too

On Tuesday night, Americans who favor sensible immigration scored one of the biggest victories in political history when little known, underfunded Randolph-Macon University economics professor Dave Brat handily defeated incumbent and Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Paul Ryan Says No Border Security, No Work Permits

When Congress adjourned for its August recess, Democratic supporters of the Senate amnesty bill, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act (S.744), were expected to be active with House representatives and hoped to sway the undecided to their side.

Lobbyists Want Citizenship for Aliens but Aliens Would Settle (Gladly) for Less

I watched Tuesday’s House Judiciary hearing on immigration, no small feat since the session took more than eight hours. You can see it on C-SPAN here.

The Sting

The MSN Encarta online dictionary provides a number of definitions for the word “sting.” The 8th definition for this word is as follows: orchestrated swindle: an underhanded scheme, especially a carefully planned and orchestrated swindle ( slang )