California’s Perpetual Population Growth Pressures Homebuilders

Citing regulatory barriers, high costs and fewer public resources, the California Department of Housing and Community Development reported earlier this year that the state isn’t keeping up with housing demand. Through the last 10 years, 80,000 new homes were built on average annually, in contrast to demand for 180,000 homes each year. If growth trends continue, 1.8 million new homes will be needed just by 2025.

My Summer Driving Vacation: Construction Alerts, Traffic Delays, Sprawl up Close

I’m of the age where the Sunday family drive was one of the week’s highlights. Now, after returning from a driving vacation starting from Western Pennsylvania, crossing Ohio, and ending in northern Michigan, my goal is to go to any reasonable lengths to keep my car in the garage.

8 Million American Workers Are Unemployed, While 8 Million Illegal Aliens Are Working, Mostly in Nonfarm Jobs

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2012 illegal immigrants made up about 5.1 percent of the labor force. About 8.1 million aliens had jobs, and contrary to popular opinion, many of them were not in agriculture, but in occupations Americans dominate.