costs of illegal immigration

Lessons (Hopefully Learned) from the Oroville Dam Disaster

For decades, the California Legislature’s priorities have been horribly misguided. Year after year, Sacramento has passed legislation that encourages more illegal immigration even though schools, roads and some hospitals are crumbling. Entitlements that provide driver’s licenses, health care and education to a never-ending immigration wave cost California taxpayers billions of dollars.

California Legislators Trash Talk Trump, Bad Idea

California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León promised that the Legislature will fast-track new laws to expand the already generous protections the state offers to illegal aliens. Included will be funded legal representation for aliens that may face removal. Attorney General Xavier Becerra and former U.S.

On Inauguration Day, An Immigrant’s Son Sends a Hopeful Message

Just days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, I read a heartening guest opinion column that the Denver Post published, “Trump Poised to Reform America’s Failed Immigration Policies.” The author, Troy A. Eid, served as Colorado’s 40th U.S. Attorney from 2006 to 2009. Now in private practice, Eid is the first Arab-American named to any U.S.

My Tough Take on Immigration Has Been Tough on my Love Life

A Different Kind of Immigration Sob Story

My immigrant Latina wife and I had been married for just two years when we had our first big fight. It was about immigration. But it was not some theoretical debate. It was personal and painful, cutting close to the bone.

Taxing Remittances Is a Long Overdue Enforcement Tool to Curb Immigration

Enforcement advocates have proposed many solutions to curb illegal immigration: double-layered fencing, mandatory E-Verify, hefty fines and jail sentences for employers who hire aliens. But a less publicly discussed option that might be equally effective is to tax remittances, the money illegal aliens send back home.

Calif. No. 1 for Immigration Case Backlog

A favored deception of immigration advocates is that America needs to “fix its broken immigration system.” The phrase is repeatedly used by pro-immigration politicians and lobbyists, and is widely understood to mean not that the system is broken because immigration laws haven’t been upheld for 30 years, but rather that amnesty for 12 million aliens is the only conceivable fix.

New Hampshire – Yes, New Hampshire – Worried about Immigration

Far from the southern border, but wanting enforcement.

Funding Catastrophe: Congress Approves Omnibus Spending Bill

My mom used to tell me, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Democrats Debate, but Skirt Nexus between Over-Immigration, American Job Loss

Tuesday night’s Democratic debate went pretty much as anticipated. Candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee promised to spend taxpayer money freely, especially on alien entitlements. Among the benefits they promised were instate Dream Act tuition rates to university students, Obamacare subsidies and a path to citizenship, as well as all the benefits that go with naturalization. Other hot topics included jobs, income inequality and terrorism.

Pending NLRB Decision Could Be a Boost for Unemployed Americans

Within a few weeks, the National Labor Relations Board will rule on who can be defined as an “employer.” At issue is whether temporary or contract workers provided by placement agencies should be considered employees of the organization they are assigned to, be allowed to collectively bargain with their employers, and be able to hold employers liable for labor violations committed against them.