costs of illegal immigration

Victim’s Mother Says Some Senators Slept during Sanctuary City Hearing

Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed in 2012 by an unlicensed Guatemalan alien with a prior felony and two DUIs, said that during Senator Chuck Grassley’s hearing on sanctuary cities, some senators paid little attention, read paperwork and were even “nodding off.” Watch Durden’s account

Pelosi Belittles Congressional Bill to End Sanctuary Cities

Nancy Pelosi has represented San Francisco in the House of Representative for 27 years. During that time, Pelosi has served as Democratic Minority Whip, Speaker and is currently the Minority Leader. When Pelosi was Speaker, the Christian Science Monitor called her “the most powerful woman in American politics.”

Illegal Aliens’ Taxes Don’t Cover their Liabilities

Illegal aliens pay lots and lots of taxes, reported the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). Upon hearing these glad tidings, illegal alien advocacy groups rejoiced that they had a new argument to use for their cause. In truth, however, they were being too hasty. What the recent ITEP study concluded was that illegal immigrants pay a total of about $12 billion in state and local taxes per year, and that if they were granted amnesty, they would play a total of $14 billion.

Amazing! Brown Blinks at Alien Health Care Costs

In a departure from his well-documented illegal immigration advocacy, California Governor Jerry Brown expressed concerns about what SB 4’s final cost might be. SB 4 proposes to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medi-Cal and to apply for a federal waiver which would allow them to purchase unsubsidized health care on the state exchange.

If Immigration Makes Us Rich, Then Where’s the Prosperity?

Immigration advocates never tire of telling us that immigration brings economic prosperity. And to back up their claim, they have stables of economists who offer studies with ingenious explanations as to why this is so.

Botched USCIS Computer Implementation Costs Big, Leaves Gaping Loopholes for Terrorists, Fraud

Whenever I’m asked about the government’s ability to manage immigration programs, I always answer that after nearly 30 years of immigration research, I can’t recall a single thing the feds ever did to carry out a plan as originally promised.

Seven Years after Murder, a Father Still Wonders Why an Alien Wasn’t Deported

Although opinions about illegal immigration vary widely and are passionately argued on both sides, everyone should be able to agree that in the name of public safety, criminal aliens must be deported.

Population May Rise Higher than Now Projected

In 2012 the Census Bureau sharply reduced its projection for U.S. population growth. Prior to that it forecast that the total U.S. population would reach 439 million by the year 2050. The Pew Research Center calculated that 82 percent of that growth would come from immigrants and their descendants.

DHS Sets up Toll-Free Numbers for Unhappy Illegal Immigrants

Pop quiz on immigration: Describe how the Department of Homeland Security is like Macy’s?

Answer: Both have toll-free telephone numbers for disgruntled customers to register complaints.

Illegal Immigrant Kills for Cigarettes

With its effort to quash President Obama’s executive action amnesty inching along slower than a snail’s pace, House Speaker John Boehner has suggested that the most probable road to success might be through the courts.