costs of illegal immigration

Mexican Consulates to Issue Birth Certificates on the Spot

On January 6, the same day that the 114th Congress was sworn in, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto met with President Obama. Top on their agenda was how Mexico could help facilitate Obama’s executive amnesty, specifically by making sure its unlawful immigrants could promptly provide adequate qualifying documentation to the Department of Homeland Security.

Global Instability Will Continue to Drive Immigration in 2015

As we celebrated the world over, welcoming in 2015, a cargo ship, apparently abandoned by crew, was on a crash course to the Italian coast with nearly 800 people, presumed to be illegal migrants.

California’s Illegal Immigrants Struggle to Pass DMV Test

California welcomed in 2015 by rewarding illegal immigrants with the opportunity to apply for driver’s licenses, the latest in a long list of privileges given to aliens that were formerly reserved for citizens and legal immigrants.

The Invoice is in for the Central American Alien Surge; Millions Spent for Perks Many Americans Can’t Afford

Sooner or later, the bill comes due. President Obama’s executive immigration action makes this summer’s outrage over the unlawful Central American influx seem a distant, bad memory. But the invoice which just surfaced for services rendered to the aliens should reignite citizens’ justifiable ire.

Like a Bad Penny, Calif. State Sen. Ricardo Lara’s ‘Health for All’ Resurfaces

“Why not go for it? After all, Governor Jerry Brown rubber stamps every Hispanic entitlement bill that reaches his desk. And they all get there.”

Whoa, Nellie! $40 Billion Annually for 50 Years to Fund Obama’s Alien Amnesty

Last week on Fox Business News, former Congressional Budget Officer Douglas Holtz-Eakin told host Lou Dobbs that Obama’s amnesty represents “a tremendous step backward for the nation and for the people he’s trying to help.”

Ten Days in December: Will Republicans Stop Obama’s Amnesty with the Price Plan?

The next ten days will provide a great deal of insight into the backbone of congressional Republicans on immigration, protecting American workers, the rule of law and their will to preserve the Constitution they swore to obey and protect. Voters looking ahead to 2016 should pay close attention.

Immigration Increases Health Care Costs

The high cost of medical care is of great concern to most Americans. Insurance helps to ease health care expenses, but insurance also is expensive. Obamacare is supposed to improve matters, but the jury is still out on just how much so – if at all.

Sheriffs Will March on D.C. Dec. 10 to Protest Obama’s Immigration Lawlessness

In my October 31 post, I speculated that Governor Jerry Brown might be too ashamed to attend funeral services for the two Sacramento County Sheriffs’ Deputies, Daniel Oliver and Michael David Davis Jr., murdered by twice-deported illegal alien, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte.

‘To Serve and Protect:’ Who Is Served, Protected in Sanctuary Cities and States?

Many police departments around the United States have adopted the motto, “To Serve and Protect,” to describe their primary missions. Police departments are almost always underfunded, suffer severe shortages in staffing and often face overwhelming challenges. The phrase, “Thin Blue Line,” sums up just how tenuous their ability is to overcome myriad challenges and protect the people who are present in their jurisdictions.