costs of illegal immigration

On Veterans Day: Defeating Amnesty Would Help Vets Land Jobs

With Robert McDonald’s appointment four months ago as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, our nation’s military may finally be on their way to getting the medical treatment that they’ve earned and deserve.

Fraudulent Marriages in the Headlines – Finally!

During the 25 years I taught English as a Second Language in the California public school system, I was approached three times by an intermediary to ask if I would be willing to marry an illegal immigrant. I was offered the standard deal: about $5,000 up front and another $5,000 after the nuptials which would put my bride on the path to legal status. Welcome to the world of illegal immigration!

In New York, Freebies to Illegal Immigrants Send Wrong Signal

During months of heated debate about the Senate amnesty bill, advocates repeated some of the same claims over and over again. Among them were that newly legalized aliens would quickly assimilate into America’s social fabric.

While there may be some truth to that, immigration history proves that the steps to assimilation include getting a job and using the money earned from hard work to provide for life’s daily necessities and its pleasures.

Illegal Immigration Costs Californians $25.3 Billion a Year

Illegal aliens and their children are costing California taxpayers $25.3 billion a year, according to a study recently published by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This is $4.7 billion more than the total calculated in a similar study FAIR did four years ago and equals $2,370 per California household headed by a U.S. citizen.

Remember the Victims of Illegal Aliens

Santa Barbara has suffered unspeakable loss at the hands of a mentally ill person. Mothers, fathers, family, friends and community have had to say goodbye unexpectedly and too soon. A child who loses a parent is an orphan; there is no word for a parent who loses a child. The families of the victims and the perpetrator are suffering, for both have permanently lost pieces of their hearts.

New Border Policy: ‘You’re Free. You Can Leave.’

When illegal immigrant Maria and her two children arrived in El Paso from Guatemala, the first words they heard from immigration officials were the ones they’d been hoping for: “You’re free. You can leave.”

Mountainous Paperwork Piles Would Overwhelm Agencies if Amnesty Passes

Americans have heard endlessly about the supposed benefits of passing the House immigration bill, H.R. 15. But little is said about the bureaucratic nightmare involved in legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants and welcoming more than 20 million foreign-born workers during the first decade after the bill becomes law.

No English? No Worries, SSDI Coffers Are Open Anyway

When I read that an inability to speak English isn’t a deterrent to receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), I wasn’t surprised.

Obscure Visas Facilitate Arrival of More Workers

Americans’ Struggle to Find Jobs Continues

CA Assemblyman Pushes Lawless Legislation

The assault on our nation’s rule of law continues unabated as federal and state officials try to make foreigners who live here illegally as welcome as possible. One of these lawmakers for lawbreakers is California Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Watsonville).